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Cotton candy skies



Refined for God

Who are called by His name,
Who came from the waters;
Who has sworn to proclaim,
To sons and daughters.

Swear to the name of God,
Confess unto the Lord;
Give Him honor and laud,
Being loved and adored.

Called the Holy City,
The God of Israel;
For the Lord takes pity,
On those in a trial.

I declared former things,
From my mouth things of old;
Showing that what it brings,
What the Scriptures have told.

For you are obstinate,
Neck of iron sinew;
Not deeply passionate,
Feeling of more value.

I declared them to you,
Before they came to pass;
Announcing what is true,
Explaining to the mass.

Now see all what you heard,
And will you not declare?
As written in the Word,
Proclaiming as you share.

They are created now,
As told not long ago;
Lest that you should say how,
About what you should know.

For you have never heard,
And you have never known;
To the ear from the Word,
A rebel and alone.

For God has refined you,
Not the same as silver;
Rather for to construe,
To be a believer.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer



Self Keepers

Self Keepers Life sits quietly believing in ourselves, you can smile, you can cry, but remember the heart is always yours. You're the keeper of your heart soul, the keeper of all you believe in, the keeper of your own destiny. Life sits at the hand of the beholder, knowing distance of the mind, distance of our best kept secret, throughout life's path we walk. We are forever keepers of the stars that shine, light that radiates from within, and the love that is shared with respect and sincerity. We are true to whom we have become by living life to the fullest, becoming wise. “We are self keepers” © DerenaBree (All Rights Reserved)





We dream the dreams that come to us at night
are the unexpected dreams out of our control.
Dreams we dream about our future are the
dreams we dream throughout our lives but
not all such dreams are likely to come true.

There are some dreams that we live with
for a long time wishing them to come true.
There are some dreams that die away before
they have got a single chance to be born

Miscarriages of such dreams are the most
painful dreams of our lives that are lost
even before we have any chance to dream them.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



But now i know it

What happned to me i cannot understand
But now i know it is in Gods hands

To be used and abused
They have no excuse

I thought i was to them a friend
Oh how emtional ive been without end

But i will keep looking to Jesus my Saviour
to search Him and find favour!


Love Michelle Lee Carter



Paddy Rea

Never play cards with Paddy Rea,
Just ignore his Celtic charm,
For playing cards with Paddy Rea
Can do your wallet harm.
I once played Crib with Paddy Rea.
We were winning game for game,
Then he suggested we raise the stakes
I´ve only myself to blame,

For Paddy Rea so quickly lost
His casual Celtic charm
Played each card with ruthless skill
And an eerie calm.
Oh never play cards with Paddy Rea
Because by gentle stages
He took most games with ease and
I owed him one weeks wages.

Let´s play a game of double or quits
Suggested Paddy Rea
A hopeful gleam in his eyes as I
Put the cards away.
Oh never play cards with Paddy Rea
He has luck of the devil
And the way he lures you in
Is positively blooming evil

Never play cards with Paddy Rea
He´s full of skill and guile
And there´s a steely will to win
Behind his charming smile.
The last time I saw old Paddy Rea
Was on his demob day
We said goodbye at the gate
And Old Paddy went on his way.

I often think of him these days
That man of guile and charm
And how he in a few short hours
Caused me real financial harm.
Old Paddy taught me a lesson
Play cards for cash if you choose
But never ever gamble for more
Than you can afford to lose.




FRACTURED Lines run deep
like those left by shifting tectonic plates
or a jig*saw puzzle.
Her numerous surgeries
make her look like a clown.




Satan’s Plot

As Christians each of us has got
An inspiring testimony.
There is nothing Satan enjoys better
Than to present them all as phony.

It has always been his plot to steal,
To kill, and to destroy
But the one thing he has always failed
To steal has been our joy.

He is conniving, this is very true…
He is evil and he’s sly
He hates God, hates Christians, Jews,
And despises you and I.

Yet we must not fear him in any way…
He is a defeated foe.
Defeated by the Blood of Christ,
Who defanged him long ago.

While his defeat still comes to taunt him
With our every testimony…
His plot to do away with them
We will treat as pure baloney…

Because we are the witnesses
To the Majesty and Power…
To the Glory and the Greatness
Of whom we testify this hour.

Satan’s plot will never touch
The redemption in the Blood
Nor shall he drag one testimony
Of God’s Children through the mud.

So, be on your way, ole Slew*foot…
Return from where you came.
We belong to Jesus Christ
And we refuse to play your game.

Doris Jacobs*Covington
June 27, 2020

~~Dedicated to Debbie and Mel~~

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it
more abundantly. — John 10:10


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