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Human to Err

I thank God for the memories,
That I had been having with you;
Though many were iniquities,
My confession unstuck their glue.

Every time I pray for you,
I do as a joyous request;
To change the way that you pursue,
And be able to do your best.

I do for the relationship,
With you that we have established;
Not letting our feelings slip,
For the Gospel not relinquished.

From the first day you have believed,
And am convinced because of God;
As His Spirit you have received,
To cleanse you where you have been flawed.

You will have a place in my heart,
And it is right for me to think;
How I had urged you from the start,
For taking the spiritual drink.

Together we share His favor,
While defending to confirm;
That Jesus is our Savior,
And our faith is not short*term.

God has witnessed my compassion,
For our Savior Jesus Christ;
It freely pours not to ration,
How much we both have sacrificed.

I pray that your love may abound,
Growing in knowledge and insight;
Guiding you that it may be found,
Deeper into the righteous light.

Then determine what is the best,
Pure and blameless until that day;
When God shows what He did invest,
With a path for coming His way

C Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer



to sit beside the sea

The sun has just risen, The orange, yellow orb. The tide is out, And now comes back. Breaking on the beach. The sounds of seagulls overhead, The smell of salted air. To rest. .to dream. . Sitting by the shore.



A Work In Progress

Have we made any progress at all
Since they broke the Berlin Wall.
He ruled his land
With iron hand,
Sadam Hussain, once our man
Was armed by us to fight Iran.
But he didn't know his place
Caused the West to lose face.
Invaded by an illegal act,
Supported by manufactured fact.
Middle East now in crisis
Leading to the rise of ISIS,
Clocks turned back hundreds of years,
Ruling by violence barbarity and fear.
Millions of migrants fleeing their land
Yet politicians still don’t understand.
I think they listen but don't hear
When will they learn not to interfere.
Since they broke the Berlin Wall.
Have we made any progress at all




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Oh to be young

Oh to be young

Pay heed to where thy hand explores
In placket, blouse or pinafore
For once a damsel has thy scent
She may plead more than sport my friend

Thy sneaky feet may craft and dance
But look before thou leaps perchance
Manhandled sweet voluptuous skin
Has marked ye down as next of kin

I'd heed the signs if I were thee
When chambering it's hard to see
What's plain as flame in broad daylight
Be somewhat hid by candlelight

©Joseph G Dawson



Live The Way You Are (Paper Hearts)

paper hearts
get torn up by the
looking out into the scores
of vacant eyes
realize I'm not going to
who I ever am
in the shallowness that can be
the world
we can whirl
we can all become
hollowed out
tender hearts made out of paper
see how the wicked wind takes them
as them up as they fly
paper hearts
are torn apart
tape cannot mend them
we do the best to
live the way we are.

Copyright September 1 2015 All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo Straight From Her Tilt*a*World
I woke up with this little "mess" in my head one morning and did my utmost
to write it down as it spilled out. If it makes sense, then well, goodie goodie.
Sometimes dreams are more lucid than others.




Have A Very Lovely Day !

~You Are My Everything And More Forever And Always~
(Free Verse)

Just wishing here all alone for your strong arms
To hold me my darling always so tight
And this is the way I feel just for you
My dearest love all the whole day and night

Dreaming praying that one day very soon a miracle will happen
And that you my one and only true love to me at last you'll come
I can't help it but to think and dream and love you so much
You, of whom I always just dream of, and then much more and some

Meeting you when we did was the best thing that ever happened to me
And since then all that I ever want to do is to love you and be
With you my dearest love for always and forever and ever
And my darling you know the happiest day of my life came on our meeting too

So many times for so long I just look at you, and at your very dear adoring face
Meanwhile here alone, all the time burns inside with unending love and hot passion for you my heart
I just love you my dearest darling and I just want to melt so very deep into you
You, who always brings me your enchanting paradise and sunshine all wrapped up in one
And from whom all my true love shall never from my life and heart ever depart.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


L*, my dearest darling,my love,I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH FOREVER N' ALWAYS,ETERNITY.Smiling.
I miss you a lot, L*, my love.Smiling.I love you more N' MUCH MORE WIITH EACH PASSING NEW DAY.
I'll never leave you my love.Please never ever leave me neither.I love you more with EACH SECOND,MINUTE,HOUR.





Music of Rich Carlton

My new album of original music is online.
Thank you for your support.
Great poetic lyrics
and great melodies.


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