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Christian Greetings

Give to your servants that is just,
Knowing that you give to Heaven;
And that you keep putting your trust,
Being rewarded as given.

Continue steadfastly in prayer,
Watchful in it with thanksgiving;
Making assurance that you share,
The joys of all for your living.

At the same time please pray for us,
That God may open up the door;
Declare the mystery as thus,
Remaining faithful at the core.

Because the mystery of Christ,
For which I have been in the bonds;
And never to become enticed,
That there is one other responds.

That I may make it very clear,
For which is how I ought to speak;
That we should never have to fear,
Upon the truth that we will seek.

Walk in wisdom toward outsiders,
Making the best use of your time;
Stop them from being backsliders,
Whatever that they commit crime.

Let your speech always be gracious,
Seasoned with both sugar and salt;
For answering of each person,
So that you may know how you ought.

All my state shall declare to you,
A beloved sister or brother;
A fellow servant that is true,
To the Lord and one another.

So, I am sending unto you,
My blessings for the same purpose;
That you may know how to construe,
Encourage hearts to encompass.

You will make known of all these things,
Everything that took place here;
And of all the blessings it brings,
Knowing the Lord is always near

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer




'''''''He who slithers along the ground is not always a foe'''''''''



Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch by the river,
A roast and a drink,
A time to relax,
A time to sit and think.
They marched to the carvery
Stomachs to the fore
You could almost see the drool
Dripping to the floor.

Guts like those
Take a lot to feed,
You could see their lust.
See their naked need.
I watched in awe as
Each piled up their plate,
I swear their jaws twitched
And each started to salivate.

It was only practiced skill
That made them all able
To manoeuvre those plates
Over to their table.
Silence reigned
As they started to eat
Cramming in great forkfuls
Of Tatie veg and meat.

They finished all together
And in unison they then
Returned to he carvery
And started off again.
I watched in amazement
As with very little pause
They then went for pudding,
Sponge and chocolate sauce.

It was just a bit like
Watching formation eating
As each tackled each course
With no thought of retreating
Finally they finished
And, stomachs to the fore,
Majestically they wobbled
Out through the door.

Eat all you can
Was the offer of the day.
Boy did that family
Make that offer pay.
It really was
Better than the tele
Watching the stuffing
Of each large belly.




Connect hand to hand
Converse heart to heart
Together where you stand
Separated or apart
Speak it, breathe it,
Post it, share it
Believe it, receive it
Host it, prepare it
It´s the name above
It´s time name below
It´s the name of love
It´s the name to know
Jesus, Jesus for every situation
Jesus again for every circumstance
Jesus spread out into every nation
Jesus holds it all in nail pierced hands
Not by worry, not by fear
That´s what man´s predictions bring
But Christ like faith lets you hear
The victorious hymn the angels sing
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end
With the Father as creator
Now with you as a friend
Jesus, the cure and the antidote
Jesus, the balm in Gilead
Jesus, more than a religious quote
Jesus protector over everything we have
His peace he will give you
And not like the worlds give
In peace you can live too
In His peace truly live
Faith comes by hearing
Hearing comes by His word
Take faith to the fearing
Go spread what you´ve heard

J. Moore




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My heart leaps at the sound of your voice
It`s out of my hands I have no choice,
You set my heart racing at such a pace
That it won`t keep still in any one place.

It beats so hard it takes my breath away
But even so I want this feeling to stay,
It is something that is hard to explain
But I know it is a feeling I want to retain.

It is words of love that my heart hears
Whispered ever so gently into my ears,
My senses heighten and I start to melt
Feelings like this I have not before felt.

copyright´2020 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



When Covid19 is Over!

When Covid19 is Over!
When Covid19 is over it will be time to celebrate!
Restaurants, bars, & clubs reopen,
People partying until late!

Your first hug will feel amazing,
The smell of fragrance on a neck,
People shaking hands and smiling,
giving each other a cheeky peck!

The things we took for granted,
Will seem so much sweeter than before.
Such as going to the park for a picnic,
and seeing kids rolling around on the floor!

Returning to rush hour commuting,
Faces pressed up against the glass.
Queuing outside the supermarket,
Will be over! At long last!

Hospitals will return to normal,
NHS staff will take a well deserved rest!
As the UK recovers from the pandemic
And we acknowledge those who did their best!

People who have lost their loved ones,
Finally able to celebrate their lives.
Grandparents, brothers and sisters,
Mothers, fathers, husbands and wives!

You might reflect on why you survived,
Is it luck or is it fate?
A recognition that life is short,
And that we all have an ‘end date’.

You see, life will be much more precious
than it ever was before!
So grab life with both your hands,
and do everything you adore!

Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like no one can hear!
Because you are a Covid19 survivor!
Who will live on for many more years!

The sky will seem so much brighter,
As the birds chirp away in the trees.
Life will smell so much sweeter,
As the world is no longer on its knees!

People will start to travel,
As the lockdown is lifted you see!
This is your second chance at life,
To be whoever you want to be!

When Covid19 is over! ❤️

Written by Wendy Roberts 04*04*2020 All Rights Reserved

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A dismal plot

A dismal plot

The clouds are lonely just like me,
Daffodils? None do I see,
But I’m alive and they are not,
A cemetery's a dismal plot.

But let’s be gay and walk away,
Into the light of brighter day,
Lay the flowers, close the gate,
Ham sandwiches, a frugal wake.

Now laid to rest, a friend I’ve lost,
So few allowed to wave him off,
Of recent virus he’d escaped,
No sign at all, ‘twas just old age.

© Joseph G Dawson


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