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Just How Much

"I want to dance with you right now".

I'll never forget
That late night in December
When I really first saw ya
I knew before I knew
You were her

You stood there at a distance
Taking what you came for
Definitely clever
Was that the beginning of our forever
Was that when
You tattooed your name upon my soul

Providing the warmth I need in a world so cold
One day I'll master this guitar
So I can complete your song
Can't promise on the vocals
But if your beauty is any indication on how it goes
I'll try to match it with my words
Like how we did with our souls

My works cut out for me
Cause everyday it gets better
Dare I say your beauty can't be measured
It's just a fraction of why I love you
With every ounce of what's beneath my chest
I'd withstand any test just to show ya
How far we can go

Gotta hurry so I can drink of you later
First I need the world to comprehend
Just how much I love you .
You've captured what's in my lungs
Yet here I stand
Just waiting till
I proclaim all I need to
As long as it's His Will

I'm so in love with you .
I'm talking like Christ with the Church
So much so, they'll never be a final verse
I told you even past always and forever
Your love, your beauty, your worth
If you're not able to see right now
One day I'll show ya

At such ease when we're together
Maybe this romantic ain't hopeless after all
Your smile reflects your heart
It's why mine exists
The way your emeralds grips my coals
Never have I felt so whole

¥☼MOI☼¥ 20 Sep 17

"You make me feel this way somehow"
Maybe one day
You'll catch wind of these lines
Maybe one day you'll.




Just a little, PAST*MIDNIGHT
and im a stinking thinking about my MISSION, quest, goals and*FIGHT

Im thinking about making a bagel sandwich, with some turkey lunch meat and*CHEESE
and *to *myself *im* *PRAYING*, oh *DEAR*GOD,*HELP*HELP*HELP* me*PLEASE

Because i dont want to feel, the disappointment and*REGRET
when i fall short of my goal, and myself down i*LET

Im thinking of my brother and today now is his tenth day and* cigarette *FREE
and i know he inspires*ME

So, any mission, quest and*GOAL
you can never let you guard down low, and succumb into the stinking thinking of any problem conviction and addiction, and fall short of your POSITiVE, MOTIVATION and *MOTIVATING*MOTIVATING*MOTIVATING*ROLL

For me to lose even half of a*POUND
is for my body at this point so difficulty*FOUND

but* if *i *even *eat *a *little *or*breathe *too *much *air,* in *a *minute *half*of*a*pound*im*afraid*im*a*GAINING

i *think* my *PEACE *and *SERENITY *with *REST,*FINALLY*FINALLY*FINALLY* *can *be*FOUND

As my mission goal and*ultimate*QUEST*and*life, living , and*LOVE*and*MY*ULTIMATE*TEST
is to achieve my greatness to see,*ONE*NINETY*NINE*and*be*AT*my*fighting*MARINE*WEIGHT*at*my*BEST

So, with that done written and*SAID
i won another fight to do it right and stay positive thinking and beat out the cravings and negative stinking thinking and *GO*TO*BED

I think of all the folks trying striving and surviving to beat whatever addiction they have on their*PLATE
and i know the conviction of any and every addiction and the stinking thinking that will and can, DESTROY, our POSiTIVE*MOMENTUM*and*FATE

So those struggling and fighting the good fight with any and with every addictions
forvi very well inderstand and very*DEEPLY*DEEPLY*DEEPLY*know*your*convictions

Stay FOCUSED, stay MOTIVATED, stay FAITHFUL, and to thine OWNSELF*stay*honest*sincere*accountable*mindful*and*TRUE*even *as *now *a *little *little*little*PAST*MIDNIGHT
for yourself stay HONEST*SINCERE*and*TRUE*and*LOVE*YOU*TOO*And *KEEP* up *the *GOOD*GREAT*and*GRAND*FIGHT*and *hold*onto*your*mission*goal*and*dream*and*JUST*DO*IT*RIGHT*by*staying*positive*humble*and*faithful*bright*with*LOVE*HOPE*and*FAITH*through*prayer*in*your*HEART*even*as*now*way*before*the*break*of*DAWNS*EARLY*POSITIVE*MORNING*LIGHT

For us all to SEEK to be the*BEST
as now this very breath, its a SACRIFICE to BEAT and to DEFEAT * any* a *BAD*VICE*and*PASS*the*CHALLENGE*24/7*and*TEST

with commitment *resolve* motivation *dedication*VICTORY*and*TRIUMPH*with*GREAT*deserved*SUCCESS*at*your*BEST*of*your*Very*BEST*IT*deservingly*and*welcomingly*will*in*the*END*BRING,* and *the*VICTORY*VICTORY*VICTORY*SONG*A*CHAMPION*from*their*FOCIS*DRIVE*and*COMMITMENT*with*ACHIEVEMENT*they*WILL*HAPPILY*JOYFULLY*SING*and*they*will*FEEL*PROUD*ACCOMPLISHED*and*as*GREAT*GREAT*GREAT*as*a*ROYAL*QUEEN*or*a*MIGHTY*MIGHTY*MIGHTY*GREAT*KING

By john d jungers
20th of september 2017

I will REMEMBER this little POEM of MINE because failure and set*back,*easily* could* of*OCCURED
but for ME,*just *WRITING* it *out *what* i *FEEL*SUCCESS*has*ENDURED
a *DANCER* may be asked just why do you DANCE. *a*FIGHTER*and*BOXER*may*be*ASKED*WHY*DO*YOU*BOX*and*FIGHT*And a *RUNNER*and*ATHLETE* may *be *asked *just* why *do *you *RUN*and*a*PAINTER. *And.* An. ARTIST *may be asked just why do you*PAINT* and as ME*A*WRITER*MAY*BE*ASKED*JUST*WHY*DO*YOU*WRITE



Church Parade Blues

The army had lots of little boxes
If you didn't tick the right ones
Life could prove a little hairy
As your career did or didnt move on.
The Recruiting Sergeant had insisted
You can't be an Atheist lad
I´ll put you down as C of E
Just like your Mam and Dad

Fall in the Sergeant Major barked
You lot have got it made
We've got a nice Sunday treat
Today it´s Church Parade
Now I didn't mind the marching
But fell out at the church door
Good luck to those who need it
But I didn't do religion anymore.

Wot you up to lad he barked
As I stood at ease by the wall
You'll have to see the Padre
We can't be having this at all.
Now the Padre was a Major
Sitting severely in his chair
So I threw him a salute
As I was marched in there.

Your docs said CofE he said
So what was going on
I explained that past belief
Was long long gone.
Atheist in fact
If not on record
I´d long ago discarded
The concept of his Lord.

I could see he was annoyed
Could tell by that look
So I hasted to assure him
I had studied his holy book.
I asked how he reconconcled
Bring a priest of the testament
With the role he now held
Of being an officer and a gent.

Not a pleasant interview
Or even a good natured chat.
It really really did go rather
Downhill somewhat after that.
They finally change my records
And never any more
Did I get any aggro when
I fell out at the church door.

The very next year in Depot
I stood there all alone
Feeling a little exposed
A little squad all of my own.
I believe that day
Corps history was made
Fall out the atheist they barked
And I left my final Church Parade.



False Teachers

Where I am going,
I urge you to stay;
What I am towing,
Could cause you to stray.

Teach not false doctrine,
Occupying you;
Get more discipline,
Into what is true.

Myths will raise questions,
Rather than of God;
Making suggestions,
Calling Christ a fraud.

My goal in giving,
The spreading of love;
Flowing for living,
In your heart thereof.

Love from pure hearts flow,
Through a clear conscience;
A sincere faith to know,
Continuing patience.

Some people have left,
Qualities behind;
That causes bereft,
Because some are blind.

They think as scholars,
In what Moses taught;
But more like maulers,
The truth is not sought.

They misunderstand,
What they talk about;
Speaking a demand,
That is full of doubt.

What Moses has taught,
If are used are good;
Because what Christ bought,
Telling what we should.

Laws are intended,
For rebels of sin;
To be offended,
Of evil within.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer



"Rich in Spirit"

There is nothing more Beautiful then the human spirit
We can let go of this physical world to be who we truly
Are meant to be, because when it is said and done, only
"He," will see.
Compassion I hear comes loud and clear, I was meant to
Be here.
Days come, and they go, but when I close my eye,
my spirit will flow. I am at ease, for in my heart I believe, that what is pure
In this life, is those who are stand beside us in turmoil and
A balance is when laughter is shared, for those who treat
Us with care.
Bottom or top, the caring don't stop, we have a beginning
But I'm not sure of an end, because we are promised a magnificent
Friend. Oh I read my Bible, but I live it too, my choice was made as
A child, when my playful side was a little wild. My Spirit's growth
Was never mild, but when the hour of day is laid to rest,
I know I tried my best. I can honestly say, no good,or gems weigh
me down. But "Rich in Spirit", is valued in any Town.
(Let love and peace find a place in your heart! This is where the
Healing Starts, even in times of pain, the love will arm the worth
Of life.There is much we can gain.)



A ghost

Described by many as being able to do whatever you want whenever you want
That’s the concept of the United States
Saying and doing what you want when you want

Holding someone against their will
Holding them captive

So many things
can affect both
the first thought when thinking of both is this involves a human
what if it doesn’t
what if it’s a thing

A thing that holds people hostage
A thing that takes away so much freedom
A thing that can devastate a life
A thing that destroys things
A thing that only haunts
A thing that makes you terrified of everything
A thing that makes your mind run through the worst possible scenarios
A thing that makes you completely dependent on others
A thing that you don’t know what the hell is going on with you
A thing that terrifies you
A thing that makes you wonder when you wake up on the floor

The reason why you always an emergency room bag packed
The reason why going to the emergency room is just the normal
The reason why you can never feel normal
The reason why you are completely dependent and living with the parents
The reason why your scared to go to new places
The reason why you stick to where you know
The reason why you’re the only college student of your friends who can’t drive
The reason why if you want to get somewhere on your own
The two options are bike or public transportation
The reason why you don’t do anything
The reason why you always have to wear a medical ID bracelet
The reason that causes you to be way over tired
The reason why you only want to sleep
The reason why you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

A battle
A battle every single day
A battle every moment of every day
A battle to stay strong
A battle that you can’t see until it happens
A battle you strive to fight
A battle you try not to give into
A battle you want to win
A battle that we must accept as our life
A battle that terrifies every person it affects

To be a ghost
To be a ghost in a body where you used to be present
To be a ghost where now lies emptiness
To be a ghost where there used to be emotion
To be a ghost where now there’s nothing
To be a ghost when you want to be present
To be a ghost when all you want is to be there
To be a ghost when everything relies on you to not be a ghost

A thing
The reason
A battle
A ghost
The Epilepsy



"He Studied Her"

“He Studied Her”

He studied her
as he spoke
he couldn’t
help it
he loved her
she continued on
with her task
as he stole
moments of her
he had found
a temporary pass
into her circle
forged onto a
to talk to her,
she was polite
and looked into
his eyes
every once
in a while
doing her part
in this one sided
never catching him
looking anywhere
other than at
he notices her
following someone
approaching from
behind him
he doesn’t turn
even though
he wants to
his eyes glued
to her face
as she looks
then quickly up
at the stranger
a smile
and a
to the kind
of face
he dreamed
she might flash
towards him
his sentences
as he watched
her display
of affection
and appeal
for this stranger
as he walked by
he was someone
that he didn’t
her to know
She looks back
at him
gives him a
word of attention
trying to show him
she’s still listening
but he can see
her smile
as it deflates
she didn’t get
the type of
from her look
that she was
hoping for,
he knows that
and it hurts him
to see
her face wearing it
but she is
so much more
than him
two*beats later
and all her
composing her
into that of
the kind of girl
you wished
lived next door
to you,
he takes a
recorded look
of her
wanting to remember
this pose
and file it away
along with
all her others
as he then
reels in
his conversion
with her
as his
temporary pass

Tom Allen…09*14*2017…



My breath, my world, my life

My breath, my world, my life

Sleep well my love, goodnight, God bless
The stars are shining overhead, the moon
Is peeping o'er the hill, you have my heart
And always will. I bless the day I met you
I thank God every night, I couldn't live
Without you, my breath, my world, my life

The gentle hand that rocks the crib, the
Eyes so full of love, I couldn't ask for
More from life, I have all that I want. I
Wake the sun each morning, work hard
To earn our bread, to keep a warm hearth
Round us, a roof above our head

I'm just a simple man at heart, I seek no
Unfair gain, all I want is you to love, my
Treasure, my domain. My first thought
Upon waking, my last before I sleep, my
Breath of life, my being, my love God
Forged for keeps

©Joseph G Dawson


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