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Janet was almost a spring baby

This could help explain her love for flowers birds and all nature

A special Birthday wish for you

An Irish blessing to the Birthday Girl

We can hang a star by her site for it is worthy

Primroses for a Lovely Birthday Lady

We all love you and wish you the best birthday ever




She glimmered for me
She showed me the way
The real way
To love and be loved
She gave me hope
She gave me courage
She gave me haven from darkness
A distant wind came
And took my glimmering star away
And now, I know nothing
Not love
Not hope
Not courage
Havens seem to be a fairy tale
What once glimmered for me
Is no longer seen
Is no longer felt
And I can no longer live




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So what could I ever say?
Should we continue to sin?
Since we always disobey,
And we have no discipline.

I could never think like that,
And still have the confidence;
Just getting lazy and fat,
Under sinful influence.

I do not know all of you,
If you were baptized or not;
And if faith is really true,
Or being shameful a lot.

All who were baptized in Christ,
Were baptized into His death;
So we had been sacrificed,
But then were given new breath .

We were placed into the tomb,
And then were brought back to life;
Through the spiritual womb,
To conquer the midst of strife.

By power of the Father,
A new kind of life we live;
Making Christ our Brother,
And all sins God does forgive.

If we become united,
And live within Jesus Christ;
Purity is invited,
To block from being enticed.

We know who we used to be,
And longer have restlessness;
And the Father will then see,
Us without the sinfulness.

For we are no longer slaves,
Here upon this sinful place;
Not prisoners to the graves,
Because Christ has shed His grace.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer



Blue Them Away Now Stay´

The Blues were all gone Then in the blink of an eye
Now here to stay that make me cry and cry.

Where Is My Darling Faron
so many things we should be sharin,
so much He would just love
why doesn't He get to pertake of?!
Like creamy iced coffee I now drink
I know He'd love I don't just think,
turkey burgers and loaf He never got to try
oh was that good would come from the mouth of My Guy!
I miss it all even the rare bad stuff
I'd give anything to have that back memories just ain't enuff,
all relationships have problems but all in all
what we had on earth was Heaven wall to wall!
I had a dream we were listening
to our old 45's and how we did sing,
it was so real how it needed to be
cause wednesday be 4 years since halls filled with happy!
Right now the halls are dead
with loneliness that they're full of and fed,
then I dreamed He was on the computer
sending me many a cute picture!
The cutest titles given by He
last sent in my email Marty's Grass I still see,
named for mardi gras so cute and unique
now I cry no more for me to seek!
Most Fun And Best Value
Of Life Only Had With Faron Pooh,
so many things missed
and no more boo*boos kissed?!
Most Wonderful Times With Faron Lee
It Was The Most Magical Journey,
Any Blues Be Gone And Would Shimmy
Away They'd Go Now The Times Most Bluesy!
I'm All Packed And Ready To Go
I Can Hear His Angel Chariot Soar
Take My Broken Self Over The Rainbow
There's Nothing Left Here Anymore
Oh Oh Angel Baby
Most Tender Drive Me Crazy
I'll Go Wherever You Be
As Long As We're 2gether
Oh Oh Angel Baby
All Our Dreams Again To Come True
You Are For Me
And I'm For You
AMEN.Forever And Ever
Our Love To See

Now I always feel
that this world ain't real,
but I am a burden within
bothersome again and again!
Cause People I'm A Burden On Earth
Can't See To Me Any Worth
I make em go oh no no no
as I come and go go go!

Yes Imagine The Dragons
Let Them Shoot Away Hurtful Sins,
Looking For That Familiar Place
Trying For That Smile On Face!
Wishing it was here
held so very dear,
Knowing it's NEVER really gone
but physically can't hold on earth forced upon!
I'm Missing Everything So Far Away Above
Oh Everything About Him Till Day Is Done,
From when I wake I need a loaded gun
Time shot,shot,shot a hole thru the most that I love!





`Never mind the quality` is what they`d say
`Feel the width` that`s their kind of wordplay,
Men selling cheap cloth instead of good stuff
These tempting words seemed to be enough.

A lot of people were taken in by the size
They never looked at the quality with their eyes,
So they bought it but they were not prepared
To admit that on examination they had erred.

They may have had a `lot` but a lot of what?
It was just poor quality goods that they got,
A lot of something is not always best
And doesn`t always leave people impressed.

Quantity is fine if the quality is not lost
But it`s not good to have quantity at any cost!

copyright´2015 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Your Eyes

Your eyes
Are bluer than the skies
Of summer. They shine more brightly
Than the heavenly stars that sparkle nightly.

No finer line
Could ever define
A shape more perfect in design.
One look and I'm enraptured *

They have the power to hypnotise *
Your lovely eyes.

Copyright Robert Haigh, 1996




Entertaining my African Pearl, Taking my village girl for a whirl, Letting my actions express how I feel, Taking her to a restaurant for a meal, This is definitely the way life should be, A day of laughter and gaiety, As we walk and talk by the lake In Uhuru Park , Where can be seen . Young Kenyan men Attempting to win The hearts of their African Queens Under the red, white, black and green As it waves to all through A gentle whisper of wind , Nakupenda, By,
Abu Lateef Babatunde
© 2015


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