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Pamela and the Seashore

With Pamela being on the Carnival Cruise she experienced there was a time for her to disembark from the ship and go to the water.
What water there was, was the sea.
Walking along the seashore is what she enjoyed doing and did for hours.
They had called the passengers back aboard ship and were off for another place.
She enjoyed the time of walking along the seashore.
It was a blessing to see the many varied seashells there and to have picked some.
This was the highlight of the cruise for her.
Jesus was with her though for the jellyfish had aligned themselves close to the shore.
It was His guiding hand that kept her away from them.
Jesus is always everywhere all the time.
No one else can say that and prove it.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)




The Fragrance Of Your Skin

A special kind of sweet, that honeys you.

Caressing the senses; this must ensue.

Remains on the sheets, the blankets of my heart.

Your fragrance from my mind can never depart.

The sweet enchantment of, The ladies of the Night,

The sound of the lark, the robins in flight.

Wildness of the orchids; the sweet vanilla orchids

Fragrance on the cheeks, soft lips and eyelids.

The fragrance of your skin captures my every sense

Oh from where did you come; from whence and hence

Your fragrance stirs up passion beyond compare.

Oh feel it in my heart, Oh can’t you hear?

The fragrance of your skin, sweetens every hour

So sensual yet refreshing, as an April’s shower.

My one and only love, the fragrance of your skin

Allows me yes; to touch you not, is a sin.

© 2014 Deena





Part 3: Dear Heart

Letters to my Heart

Dear Heart, my hurting heart, make me stronger today

So I could have a sunshine day without this much dismay.

Where are you Dear Heart, are you there my friend?

I’m so much in love; the road is long, I cannot see the end.

Oh sweet comfort where are you, why have you forsaken me?

My heart is hurting, bleeding to death, oh come and rescue me!


My Heart, Dear Heart, please hold me close, let me know you’re there.

I am so sad and cold inside please light a fire near.

These flames of love, the blazing, burning, scorch of Cupid’s arrow,

Scar and mar, burn my heart and bring me so much sorrow.

Dear Heart, Dear Heart, come cradle me, let me feel your gentle warmness;

Right now I feel the shivers, the cold, the rejection of love’s tenderness.


Why do I love so innocently, as a child so stupidly?

Dear Heart, my Heart make me use some sense, close my eyes to this beauty.

This beauty that possesses me in my every hour, in my wake and sleep;

In my realities, my dreams, my love and fervor is so very deep.

Come rescue me, where are you Dear Heart, the pain is unbearable.

I always fall so madly in love, hopelessly, helplessly; come make me stable.


Help me shut my eyes to this irresistible, immaculate one divine

That has taken residence and lives forever in my heart’s submissive shrine.

I love, I adore, I hurt, I grieve, my tears of love overflow,

Yet this feeling inside just takes me over, so helpless it grows and grows.

Dear Heart, Dear Heart, come soothe my ache, come wipe my copious tears.

Change me, my thoughts, my feelings of love or make me as one endears.

© 2014 Cisslyn Ramdeo





We did things
From across the seas
On the phone
He tried to talk to me
But his English was too fast
I couldn't understand
So we faded away
To our own land
Of texting and flirting
Wanted him so bad
It was hurting
But it's the way it has to be
For one by the Indian Sea
More or less called an ocean
He had my devotion
But I couldn't get over there
Somehow I still care
I still worry
About his health
If he is okay
Because when he doesn't Tweet
I wonder if he's died away
I know it's not my place to know
If I had money there I'd go
Maybe he'd find me
Treat me right
The way a woman
Wants to be treated at night
Then during the day
I could bring him meal
Maybe he'd wink
Or cop a feel
It's just a fantasy
I once lived
Years later
It still longs to give
The life we had in poetry
And on the phone
Does he know I miss him
And I'm still alone?

8/20/2014 0036PST cj




We drift in and out of our safe sea
We've lost our direction
Don't know where we're supposed to be.

The seas are rough, the waters full of debris
We can't make up our minds
Don't know if we should set each other free.

Our rudder has gone missing
Our anchor has been lost and we can't find it
Don't know how we can keep this ship from listing.

Our seas are churning and the waves are torn
Our time together has come to an end
Don't know how we sailed past the eye of a storm.

We only know that we are drifting further away
We are far from the shoreline and lost at sea
Hope we don't sink but don't think we'll reach the bay.



maybe some fool will notice y'all

say hey you
whatchu donin over there
whatchu writin anyway
is somebody payin you something fo' all those

uh huh
din' think so


no body gonna remember you
why you spend yo time doin this
writin thoughts donchu gots something
better elst to do with yo self

a fool and his mind
is soon parted
that's what they say
jes keep on writin there

no one gonna remember you

so tell me really
why you write so many of dem words
why do you care about all those words anyway

I have got to get them out of my head
I have got to let the world know I was
here for a moment even if no one listens
I like words like they were finer than silk and lace
and silver and gold
Words are treasure
Words make me smile

I guess you think you is pretty smart
well you go on now an' keep writin'
an' not getting paid
maybe some fool will notice y'all.

so sayeth the
the magi of all men
be on the lookout for

(they can have some bold things to say)

Copyright August 19, 2014 5:05pm All Rights Reserved
After Sitting Out In The Sun In My New Haircut Thinking
Unedited Right To The Page
Meloo/Melissa A Howells/ straight outa her Tilt*a*World
All Ideas/Poetry/Rants/Prose are Legal Property of this Writer



Bella At the Shore. ( repost)

Just before dawn
Bella walked to the shore
Restlessness hid her from sleep

As the sky blushed lavender
The sand became a blank slate
Waiting for the novel of her secrets
That no one had read

The tide paused low, far from her canvas

With a broken shell,
The first thing she wrote
Was his name

She wrote it over and over again
Until the dunes and the sky
Traded places when she stood

Once the purging began,
Her secrets poured onto the shore
Like water from a child's pail

Patterns in the sand
Revealed what she'd spoken
Only in the darkness

Her story ran along the beach
Like wild horses

She did not begrudge the tide,
That great secret keeper,
As it rose higher

The book of her heart
Written on the sand
Would be inundated
Then float away like a warrior
Taken by the sea to an honorable grave

But she had faith that her secrets
Would not be lost*
That all her words would come together
On some far shore
For gentle eyes worthy to see
What her soul had to say




Faint of Color True

Faint of color true

He said words that caused much pain
She slipped away from him
She thought of staying but could not
Hence broken precious stem
The precious bud that bloomed
With faint of color true
Was full of beauty for the world
Was bit by words infused
Now her joy is bittersweet
And thorns pierce every thought
Nothing more, nothing less
Dispirited and daunt
Stale of life came running
And days of light turned gray
Early morn brought grief upon
Her monotone filled ways
Each step traced his memory
And eyes begged for more rain
For overcast clouds in the sky
To mimic her hearts pain
She wanted to feel heavens tears
And angels company
Come hold my heart she wept softly
Sweet Jesus walk with me

For my sister Darlene,

Sweet Precious Bud
She is

© 62314 * all rights reserved.


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