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I am like a dog hunting bone.
Nothing in this world is mine.
I am just a poor bottom feeder, feeding on little to nothing sometimes.
I make a wish everyday, like they said I should.
It never comes true.
That's when I remember that I am just a dreamer.
Dreams are like food to me.
If only I could get there.
It started when I was a child.
I saw all the big boys with it.
Looking all the part.
Its been my dream to have a hundred diamonds.
Sometimes when I am dreaming, I think I am champion.
Hardcore like gangster.
Something gets me, like there is no life out there.
Whatever you want, you have to make.
If only I had the right tools,
I would have already made something out of myself.
But no matter how hard things are.
I promised myself that I will not turn into a blood sucker.
Living of what I worked for, how I want to live.
Even if it means bulking hard for my money.
A hundred diamonds on me, like I wash with ice.
A hundred diamonds cut right on me.
A hundred to heal my heart.
Diamond for the soul.
Money and life.
That is the right way.
When I am lost, all my dreams disappear.
It like I am not myself.
Maybe it is because I am not.
I have lost myself to the wild world.
Where I live for nothing, and work like I am something.
But then I wake up, and see the fight.
A hundred diamond dream.



By the light of a love-bug

By the light of a love*bug

By the light of a love*bug I'm writing to you
It's not very bright but it's honest and true
There's just enough sparkle to follow my pen
To tell you I love you again and again

I'll write that I need you, I'll write that I care
I'll write you whatever your heart wants to hear
I'll write you a picture a lover's embrace
Lit only by love and the smile on your face

I'll take you to heaven by means of a star
We'll make love on Venus canoodle on Mars
And when we get back we can do it again
By the light of a love*bug sat on my pen

©Joseph G Dawson



Down to the River

She went down to the river
To pray
Fingers of the current
Tried to take the hem
Of her dress away

To a place she'd never been,
Never seen
Never dreamed
Was beyond the bend
Or the beauty
Of her 360´ world

She bowed her head
Like a heretic,
And kept it that way
Til the last lamp
Was extinguished

And she was on
The cold floor,
The floorboards
Biting through her knees

(c) 2015



two skies

last night you showed your brilliance, blue moon they call your name. you shined so bright, so very clear, the lines upon your face. the nights end came, yet your still here, in the pale blue sky. slowly do you fade away, one moon. . two very different skies.



to love...

spoken word poetry

I long to love one who has fallen,
fallen as far down the mountain as I,
one torn in places only I can perceive

long to hold another broken thing
broken as I along the rugged paths,
trace with love scars from old wounds

kiss lips once trembling with sorrow
once opened in soft whispered prayer,
gently touching mine with affection

I long so to love, to love and love forever,
forever deeply, as timeless as the heavens,
to share all with one fragile heart as mine

to bind our wounds with trust into one,
one heart beating to the rhythm of two,
something whole from scattered pieces

I long to gaze into eyes clear with trust,
trust in one fallen and wounded as I,
each loving the other as none other

´ Richard Keith Carlton



What A Beautiful Day

And it shall come to pass
in that day I will hear
saith the Lord I will hear
the heavens and they shall
hear the earth

What a beautiful day
God gave me to live in
the sky is a lovely blue.
The wind is playing ball
with the soft fluffy clouds.
what a magical place a play ground
of freedom where the eagles the hawk
the raven and the little birds soar free
The flowers in the meadow
turn their faces to the sky.
in wonder at it's beauty.
what a beautiful day
From the Bible
When the morning star's sang together
and the son's of God shouted for joy.
Let the flood's clap their hands
let the hill's be joyful together.
mercy and truth are met together and
righteousness and peace have kissed
each other
Clara Strickland Brinkley



Using Gifts

In view of all that we got,
Of compassion from God we share;
Remember the blood that bought,
Sacrificing to repair.

Repair a relationship,
Between the Father and man;
While we reach out and grip,
For grasping onto His plan.

I urge you for to offer,
Yourself as a sacrifice;
No longer as a scoffer,
Letting not this world entice.

Dedicate unto your God,
All that is pleasing to Him;
And always honor and laud,
Being cheerful and not grim.

Do not become like those here,
Rather change the way you think;
Showing your respect and fear,
For remaining in the pink.

Then determine what God wants,
You will be able to so;
What would be a good response,
For love and blessings that flow.

What is pleasing and perfect,
For the kindness that God shows;
Goodness that you can reflect,
From the compassion that flows.

For I say the grace given,
To everyone of you;
Will give passage to Heaven,
As long as you remain true.

For we are one body in Christ,
Each one of us plays a part;
These are as gifts sacrificed,
That you must hold in your heart.

If your gift is for giving,
Be generous in what you share;
And you will go on living,
Being blest in what you spare.

C Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer



Birthday Wishes for Terry Sasek OUR 67 YEAR OLD HERO

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