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Do You Remember?

Do you remember?

Frozen in time…
Those precious moments of yesteryear;
Laughter and even a few tears…
In a place called: Old Sedalia.

When we climbed on top of Sunshine Rock, fished
off of the old covered bridge on Flat Creek.
Played ball at the Coal*chute Diamond and Liberty Park?
Delivered newspapers for the Sedalia Democrat
and the Kansas City Star?

There was: Johnnie, Dave, Don, Gibby, Chicken,
Jack*Lefty, Gene, Bones, Billy Jo and many others.
With a nickel and a club card, you could go to the Fox,
Liberty and Uptown Theaters on Saturday*afternoon’s
featuring Hop*along Cassidy, Buck Jones, Tom Mix or
the East*End Kids.

Five cent would get you an all*day suckers or a large Nehi Orange soda.
Those were the days and we thought they would never end;
but end they did…sixty*five years ago!

Oh! Where have they gone?
Like time itself…
gone with the wind!

Jackie R. Kays
© 2014



BREATH OF AUTUMN / spoken word poem

She comes to me across the jagged rocks,
falling into this dream of a life, and I plummet
like a leaf tied to a stone into her wonder.
Our colors are radiant, we are rainbows,
Autumn's children, little fallen leaves landing
on a soft meadow, blown by mystical winds.
Our kisses are quiet whispers across the elms,
thought by passing strangers to be angels singing.
The colors of our season light this dark dreary world.
Summer dies on the hot breath of lingering days;
winter, still far into the distant spaces of history.
But Autumn is here. I feel her breath upon me.

´ 2014 Richard Keith Carlton




I wrote this poem in 1981 while I was going through a difficult and very busy time
in my life. I had recently been divorced, was attending college, writing feature stories
and news stories for two newspapers, working in a community center as an advisor
to senior citizens and as a weekend rental agent in the garden apartment complex
where I live. The poem is one of thousands of published and unpublished
poems and stories that I have saved throughout the years:

I'm supposed to be
I lost something precious
And because
I had to
Postpone my goals.
So how come
This "unhappy" person
Wrote poetry
Went to school
Learned about a new
And fascinating
Theory of personality;
Talked to one person
About her pleasure
And to another person
About his pain?
How come
This"unhappy" person
Is lying on this comfortable bed
In the middle of the night
Writing in this book
About how
In this "time of crisis"
Flowers are growing
Through the cracks
In her broken heart?

Annette 1981




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VERY DEAR (Couplets)

Very Dear

I just bought a flat plasma brand new TV set
I just want to buy one in every room thst I can get
The ones that I bought cost me quite very dear
And It will take many months for my credit card just to clear.

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

Fictional poem





How much better to gain,
Wisdom than having gold;
For pride can be a pain,
Being brazen and bold.

Gaining understanding,
Is better than silver;
If you are demanding,
Declared as the winner.

The ones with pride will boast,
Arrogance will prevail;
Take command as the host,
With rudeness to detail.

The roads of good people,
Detours around evil;
Since knowing the Gospel,
Will avoid the devil.

Whoever looks his way,
Will preserve his own life;
As he trusts to obey,
Will be avoiding strife.

Arrogant attitudes,
Precedes a disaster;
Will fall for being rude,
Trying to be master.

Better to be humble,
With your lowly brother;
Than to gripe and grumble,
Alone with no other.

So why share stolen goods,
Knowing they are not yours;
And that a bunch of hoods,
Take then feed you to boars.

If you give attention,
To the Word of the Lord;
Assures your ascension,
To Heaven and reward.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer



A Salute To a Wonderful Veteran Named Terry S.

After having read some of the great work this young man has given to us for everyone to read I am most honored and very touched to share this with you.
This great man has served his country well and has earned all of our respect.
He has worked so many years to bring peace to the US and our boarders.
It is time we listened to what he has to say on this issue of defending our country and honor him for all he has done to promote the American way of life.
He is for the right things that build up and not tear down America.
Some of us at Poetrypoem.com have called him a murderer for what he did in Viet Nam.
How utterly foolish you are that did.
I am learned and ashamed to say there are narrow minded people who have place in this site who feel they are right when they are wrong.
I stand with Terry S. and will gladly align myself with him any day.
May God bless you, Terry and Ellie for standing for freedom.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)




On the first of October 1967 a great man died
I'd never known how cruel that death could be
To snatch away someone that I had loved so much

I was just 19 years old when death dealt it's blow
Taking this great man from us in the dark of night
He had played a major role in who I would become

He was always teaching me things that he did well
He'd taught me to work with tools and build things
He spent hours teaching me to play chess as a child

On that first occasion that I had him in checkmate
I had always wondered if he let me win that game
Years later he said you won that game on your own

He told me that I had learned the lessons he taught
And that because I had thought out my moves I won
He always took time to answer any questions I had

And he always treated me as if I was very special
He taught me to look at things from all directions
Plan things out to think ahead before making a move

Everything he had taught me I've used in my lifetime
The next year after he died I was serving in the war
On many occasions I knew he was with me over there

He was protecting his grandson and showing me the way
When things were really bad I could sense he was there
He was silently telling me it was going to be alright

And after several incidents I knew then I'd make it home
And regardless whether anyone believed it or not I knew it
I'll never forget him and I'll always love this great man

He was the most loving and the most caring grandfather
And though 47 years have passed by since he was taken
I take great pride for having had him as my grandfather

´ Terry Sasek * Always A Warrior * all rights reserved.

I have posted this poem tonight as I stare at a picture of my
grandfather Carl Gray, Pop as I had called him was taken from
us way to early in his own life and I still miss him greatly
and I will always remember him and have always been thankful
that this great man was my own grandfather. He had taught me
many lessons while I grew up and they would serve me very well
later as I had went off as a 19 year old kid to serve our own
nation as a warrior, I had always felt his spirit close by me
as I was in those very dangerous situations that I'd faced in
Vietnam and I took great comfort and I felt safe during those
very trying times there. It was as if God had made him my own
personal guardian angel who had protected his grandson in all
those attacks on our base and in the battles we had fought in
during that year there. Pop was my gift from heaven and he had
helped to keep me safe and sound during that very long year!


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