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Wilderness Walk (Three of Born in the Wilderness)

Wilderness Walk (Three of Born in the Wilderness)

They walked and rode horseback across the plains following the Buffalo to their autumn graze.
The sun rose and set forty times, the voice of winter whispers in the wind.
The bison would stay on the lower ground for winter, but the Plains Cree would be higher to
Keep sight of that herd, for many seasons they stood silent and true to their word.
They fed their hunger with elk, and rabbit in winter's cold, and let the Bison grow bold.
They would still be near, in their sight on those frosty winter nights.

The rolling hills are a few days away, so close to making their winters home,
soon they will stop their nomadic roam.
For now, they encircle the open ground to eat and bed down,
a few fires and tending the horses, before following
They're mapped and planned courses.

Chief Abooksigun (wildcat) lets his wife and child drape a wagon.
Buffalo hides would block the wind His Lady Wapun(Dawn)
and child Oota Dabun (Day Star) was in great need of sleep.
Now rest and renewal held them in a warm keep.
Lady Wapun dreamed of a winters storm, an icy blast that hit
Hard and fast.

Tossing and turning moaning and groaning, little Oota Daburn soon awakes,
She watches her Mother shiver and shakes.
The loving little Papoose place her hands on her mothers face,
Her Mother leaves her dream behind, to tend to her child so loving
and kind.

Lady Wapun must let the Chief know of her night vision of the storm
of deadly snow. It was the Dawn of Day and the rested tribe was on
Their way.

When Lady Wapun told her husband of her dream, he looked concerned,
her Visions have helped in the past, he would pay heed from the first
Part of winter to the last.

On the horizon, Stood the hill that soon will be their winter home!
The Little Papoose was smiling at its sight, she was beholding
Of the welcoming sight.
A beautiful eagle soars above, a winged creature of bravery
Encircling a place of Wilderness' love

More to the witness of this loving child, her first steps, her heart of
gold will reflect as this story is told.
Come cuddle warmly by the fire site and watch this tribe's spirit take
amazing flight.

To be continued, In Wilderness Winter series (Four)



Soft glides the night

Soft glides the night

Soft glides the night on silken wings
Love’s tender spells to cast, to spring
Inspiring lovers, setting scenes
To catch a heart, to forge a dream

To catch a heart, the stage to set
To find love where one least expects
To intercept, stop in one’s tracks
One look and there’s no going back

A smile, a whisper, touch her hair
Glancing fingers stir the air
Tender moments, heart to heart
Dreams for later * after dark

Love is like no other jewel
It sparkles best reflecting truth
Secret signals, tell*tale signs
A bench, a park, a moonlit night

Soft glides the night on silken wings
A starry cloak, a moon stickpin
White gloves, white tie, a calling card
With luck there’s one pinned to your heart

© Joseph G Dawson





When everyone is thinking
about the memory of their fathers;
I have no memory of my father,
because he died when I was
only nine months old.

I carry memory of stories
told to me about my father,
by mother, aunt and grandfather;
that he was a great Engineer,
loving son, father and husband.

He was The Chief Engineer
in the State of Gondal in the
then British Raj in India.
He was Electrical, Mechanical
and Textile Engineer.

He became Member of famous
Chartered Institute of American Inventors
on the merit of his invention:
"Magnetic Vertical Rotary Loom"
in Nineteen hundred thirty*seven.
He had a heart attack and
died at the age of thirty*seven.

He took promise from my Mum to make
me an Electrical Engineer
and my Mum kept that promise.
I had only one goal to follow
my father´s footstep and
that is the memory
I carry in my heart.

I know a lot about my father but
I have no memory of my father
and I feel empty inside my heart.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



And I Love You So

And I love You So

I love you for you, your love
surrounds me, I cannot see
an angel as bright as I see
you, cause your my special
angel, and I love you so.

Our love lingers on like a song
that shall never end, it is a
desire built deep within each
heart, and I love you so

Never has the heart felt such
warmness, when thoughts wonder
your way, they touch with deepness
and gentleness, no words can be
spoken, how I love you so.

I have traveled many roads, never
this road so rare, it is amazing how
strange it feels, never to travel it
again in strife, but I know I love
you so.

My beloved, stay enchanting like
you are, keep your love true, your
light shining upon my soul, the
one who loves you so.

Poem taken from my 'Heart's Expression Collection'

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)





Her best friend
wasn’t talking much
right now
it was still
but the moon
that had hung
above them
for the last
six hours
was gone now
pointing out
a fact to
both of them
that their time
was nearing an
in the morning
she takes off
to a college on
the east coast
as her best friend
is left to roam
the beaches on
the west coast
neither one was
big on trust
their list of
both contained
only one name,
she looks over
at her best friend
studying her face
one she had spent
the last four years
running the gauntlet
of high school with,
her friend knows
she’s staring at her
not wanting to turn
and look back
at her right now
afraid she might
start crying
so she continues
staring out at
the horizon
seeing the bright
glowing amber strip
across it
a prequel
to the arrival
of the sun
“Sun’s coming up”
is all she says
her first spoken
in over an hour
both girls reach
for their sunglasses
that they have
hanging around
their necks
and put them on,
her friend able
to turn towards
her now
hiding her eyes
from direct contact
with hers
behind the dark
of her cheap
her friend
gives her a weak
knowing smile
she gives her back
the same thing
both girls
looking into the
sunglasses of the other
give one another
a nod of
then turn to
the oncoming sun,
they both just
quietly sit
and watch as
the sun slowly
takes to the
and when the
finally lifts it’s
last bits over
the horizon
and becomes whole
she says
to her friend
“It’s Beautiful”
her friend
just replies
“yea, it is”
then starts the car
and drives…

Tom Allen…06*12*2018…




Broken Crayons

We're a box of colored crayons.
A liitle bent. a little broken
From life's uses and abuses.
From cruel words some may have spoken.

Some of us have never known
The contentment of a childhood
Without being preyed upon.
Or treated as all children should.

Droves of us were disappointed
Because we've never known success.
Every would be dream has ended.
Every hope left no address.

Love may have appeared to always
Be everything we've ever wanted.
But betrayal left us bitter.
With broken hearts and eyes still haunted.

Then, we once believed religion
Would surely help to make us whole.
Give us back that zest for living.
Be a refuge for our soul.

But religion didn't fix us
We came up as broken as before.
Our blues all ran together
From the tears we shed once more.

But, wait. should we welcome Jesus?
He says He wants us to perform.
To color Him a picture.
But can't He see we've been done harm?

Can't He see that we're all broken?
That we would only bring Him shame?
"No, children, though you're broken,
You still color just the same.

So please color me that picture.
And color me The Cross in red.
It's the color of forgiveness.
Colored with the Blood I shed.

You see, I, too, was once as broken
Yes, I was , also, once as blue.
But I still color many lives
And, dear children, so can you."

Doris Jacobs*Covington
June 13, 2018

Dedicated to my sister, Shirley~~

Psalm 51:16*17
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will
not despise. For You do not delight in sacrifice,
otherwise I would give it; You are not
pleased with burnt offering.

Psalm 34:18
The LORD is near to the brokenhearted
And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 31:11*13
Among all my enemies I am a disgrace
and among my neighbors all the more. I am dreaded
by my friends—they flee when they see me on the street.
I am forgotten like a dead man, out of mind. I am
like a broken vessel. For I hear the slander
of many; there is terror on every side. They conspire
against me and plot to take my life.…



"one blossom three" -tanka

one blossom three three
thrive tree one field field five facing
east soar to sun burn
with purpose end in ash ashes
blow then scatter one blossom three

´`t. imaan tretchicovmanicova





When we have a fear of whatever it may be
Fear can`t drive away fear that is plain to see,
Now fear and faith don`t mix well at all
So drive out fear with faith it`s a sure call.

Now darkness cannot drive out darkness you see
Therefore you need the opposite to set it free,
So flood the darkness with a big bright light
Drive away the darkness and make things bright.

Don`t try and drive out hatred with hate it won`t work
It will do no more than drive you berserk,
Once again it is its rival that will win the day
Only love will drive out hate is all I can say.

copyright´2018 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170


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