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List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions: Top 3 Countries
Country % of world population % of World CO2 emission
1 China___________19%_________________28% CO2
2 USA___________4.4%________________15.6% CO2
3 India__________18.2%________________6.56% CO2

UPDATE: Vietnam is losing rice fields to sea at an alarming rate and it is feared that there will be not enough rice fields left to produce their main export commodity * Rice.
2 degree C is considered too high and demand is growing to limit global warming to 1.5 degree C. This might save some land getting lost to sea because of rising sea level due to Global Warming.
9th October 2018.

The world has warmed more than one degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution.
The Paris climate agreement 2016, agreed to restrict Global warming to 2 degree Celsius.
The odds of succeeding are one in 20 but 2 degree means extinction of the world´s tropical reefs,
the sea*level rise of several meters and the abandonment of the Persian Gulf* a long*term disaster.

Failing that, 3*degree warming means the loss of forests in the Arctic and the loss of most coastal cities.

Four degrees: Europe in permanent drought; vast areas of China, India, and Bangladesh claimed by desert; Polynesia swallowed by the sea; the Colorado River thinned to a trickle; the American Southwest largely uninhabitable.

The prospect of five*degree warming has prompted some of the world´s leading climate scientists to warn of the end of human civilization.

Do we need to worry? Not if you are in the USA because President Trump has pulled out from
The Paris climate agreement so he thinks that Global warming will go away if you ignore it.

I am an Engineer and a Scientist and I have seen the effect of Global warming and Global disasters.
I am worried and you should worry too even if you are in the USA. Fires all over should warn you.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
2nd August 2018.

NOTE: An artical in The New York Times Magazine:
Losing Earth: The Decade We
Almost Stopped Climate Change

By Nathaniel Rich
Photographs and Videos by George Steinmetz
AUG. 1, 2018



What point a force-fed licence?

I do not dislike the BBC, but I do dislike a publicly funded broadcaster that thinks it’s a Hollywood movie maker and pays top dollar for mediocrity. I also object to system in which a nurse can work her heart out saving lives, risking her own, and facing death every day for little more than a pittance, whilst the BBC squander our money on the likes of a disc jockey in the sum of £1.5 million. I don’t care how good Zoe Ball is, she cannot be worth more than a nurse. Headline news, ‘Inside Zoe Ball’s Mansion’ and as for the nurse … no interest at all. What a sad, sick, lopsided world we live in. It’s not the money that bothers me, it’s the morals, the basic principles of right and wrong, the same skewed principles that launched a helicopter and Dan Johnson on the home of Sir Cliff Richard not that long ago.
A matter that cannot be brushed aside. The BBC must change and it must stand on its own two feet. I and millions of others do not owe the BBC a living, but the BBC owes me and millions of others the human right to freedom of choice without compromise or cost. I don’t watch the BBC, so why the TV tax gun to my head? And why don’t they make TVs that don’t receive BBC channels? That’d put a stop to it.
Sell the Beeb and split it up,
Commercialise the Money Club,
Put an end to TV tax,
And gives us all our money back.
What point a force*fed licence?
To fund the BBC,
An ancient crumbling charter,
A Harry Potter scheme.
Are we ruled by thugs from China?
Or a vicious drugs cartel?
Young or old, you’ll pay the toll,
Or it’s six months in a cell.
A remnant from the days of old,
That smacks of Al Capone,
Of Lucky Luciano * ‘the family
Needs yer dough’.
But that was then, and this is now,
A modern world at speed,
Of choices, channels, hubs galore,
That swamp the BBC.
What point a force*fed licence?
In other words, a tax,
A tax to fuel a gravy train,
Fast running out of track.
What the BBC does now it could still do on a subscription basis * if only it had the business acumen and the guts to face reality. This will not fade away; the people will not be fooled forever. Time is not on the side of the BBC, the TV tax is wrong and will always be wrong * a cul*de*sac from which there is no escape, nor salve to make exaction look like a church plate.
© Joseph G Dawson



midnight wind

seen by precious few

felt by those who take the time

to open their hearts




One Body

The body not of one member,
Rather it consists of many;
And required for their labor,
Doing as what God will decree.

For the foot would not be a hand,
Feeling that it does not belong;
But it is God that does command,
Walking and running helps along.

The ear does not understand why,
That it will hear but cannot see;
But God gave that job to the eye,
For knowing where they are to be.

If the whole body were an eye,
Where is the sense that we could hear;
Tear drops are formed to whence we cry,
Sensing smell comes not from the ear.

The body that God had arranged,
For each of them that the Lord chose;
Neither of them can be exchanged,
An ear can never be a nose.

If one member what would it be,
Yet one body has many parts;
Because the hand could never see,
Nor the feet could never be hearts.

The parts of the body seems weak,
When separately on their own;
In diverse unity they seek,
For what they cannot do alone.

We bestow the greater honor,
Treated with greater modesty;
That the body as a fawner,
Works together in honesty.

In the body no division,
Each member cares for each other;
As the mind signals a vision,
Coordinating one another.

For if any member suffers,
All others will be affected;
But the Holy Spirit buffers,
To the part that is afflicted.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer



Gingerman - A journey Of Discovery

I go to bed exhausted and yet
After an hour I´m wide awake
Writhing with embarrassment
At some of the things I´ve said
And some of the thing I´ve done.
She was a statuesque figure,
Attractive but slightly faded,
A trend setter in her way,
The only female machinist
On the shop floor of a large
And very famous car maker.
Ten years older than me at
An inexperienced twenty one.
Somehow I stole her from
Her Gingerman after a huge
Memorably boozy night.
An amicable occasion really
Ending with a handshake
And I became her new
Much younger Gingerman,
And we left holding hands.
She owned a grey mini van
Which she would drive to
Secluded country places
Where we would climb into
The blanket floored back
And there she taught me
The joys of sex and
How to make love her way.
Knowing exactly what she wanted
She moulded me to her needs.
Hours later she would drop me,
Exhilarated but exhausted
Back to the Guardroom for
A short nights sleep
Followed by a bleary eyed day
Until we would meet again.
She was a free spirit,
Well before her time.
Don´t forget me she said when,
Course successfully completed
The army moved me on
A different person, formed
During that hectic and eventful
Period, tired and wiser.
Would she find a new Gingerman
I wondered, slipping back into
A more conventional Army life.
I could have kept in touch,
Even seen her when i returned
Battered and bruised after
My losing battle with authority.
Too shattered by that experience
And, for awhile lost and adrift,
I didn´t have the confidence or,
To be truthful, the desire.
Years later I still think of her,
Wonder did she ever settle down
Or continue in her own unique style
Finally settling into middle and old age.
Or did she die at too young an age
Still screaming defiance to the world

(The Gingerman, a controversial, influential, and popular 1950´s novel by Irish American writer J P Donleavy)



"Do not be anxious about anything."

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
by prayer and by petition with thanks giving,
but present your request to God. And the PEACE of God,
which transcends understanding, will guard your hearts
and minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6*7)*

"Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers."*

Dear heavenly Father, bolding we go before the throne
of mercy and grace. Resting safely and securely in the
knowledge that if we ask any thing in your name according
to your name, you will faithfully hear our prayers.

We humbly pray for the victims of COVID*19 all victims
of both natural and unnatural causes. We beseech your
for all victims and their loved ones, and pets family.
Suffering loss through man made and natural disasters.

We ask that you show mercy on all your children who have
lost their jobs, and housing due to COVID*19 and other
causes. Those who are poor for as you have told us, the
poor we shall have with us for always.

We ask mercy upon those souls who are facing with
uncertainty, the gateway to eternity. Even in their
eleventh hour please grant unto them your free gift
of ever lasting life through Jesus Christ our beloved
Lord and Savior. A*Men.

"And what is it that God has said? That he has given
us eternal life and that this life is in his Son. So
whoever has God's Son has life; and whoever does not
have God's Son, does not have life. I have written this
to you who believe in the Son of God so that you may
know you have eternal life". (1st John 11*13)

Whenever we are secure in the knowledge of our eternal
salvation, we truly do not to be anxious about anything.
"If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive
us our sins even to them who believe on his name. (1st John 1:9)
"And it shall come to pass that in the last days, that whoever
calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
September 22, 2020
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Knock, Then Come Through

why do you do what you do?

(for myself)

I like to do what I do

that's for who.

I'm worth it.

(and then some.

my parents paid for me

like I was the king's ransom.

In having me, they lost themselves*

I wasn't about to do the same

I didn't choose to be born into the world*

I just came.

Maybe no one was quite ready for me

nor ready to be available?

So I had to be available to myself
be the game that was playable.

That is what all children

of little children do.

they create their own inner world of wealth.

Writing and creating and being

who I am

are my riches

enough to form a life aroundm

be my best self.

If you refuse to see I abound

and am boundless

and have value because I dwell within my own skin

and not be one of those whose poundless.well,

life can often be uncomfortable here*

and its not helpful

if you down me because of who and where

I've been.

Don't do it,

nor do me,

and I won't "do" you like you were some sin.

There's a boundary here

though it seems pretended or invisible.

a line where I begin
to my whole, I'm indivisible.

Its a doorway where I let you knock

then come through.

you can stay as long as you understand

I may seem to come without directions

don't rule me

and I won't rule you.




Complete each Thought

Complete each Thought

Complete each thought in serenity, close each day
with heaven beneath your feet, always floating
above the clouds in grace.

Leave no deeds undone that bring you comfort.

When life pulls too hard that brings you down
to earth's honest belief, remember your only
a human with an infinite soul.

Laugh at the foolish things you do, cry with
the lessons you have not yet learned, never
shut the book that pours out questions you need
to find answers for, they are in the depth of your
own powerful soul waiting to be found.

Behind the darkness that lingers with the
light radiating promise and truth
alerting you of your own knowledge, wisdom
and understanding what must be completed
before the dawn, bringing strength and
power of all senses enveloping you to move
deeper within your inner*dimensional self
you'll always be in love, the reason
we are here.

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)


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