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Haunted Houses

Dark shadows cling and unease fills the air,
As wooden boards creak on dilapidated stair.
Blood stains soaked into floors and walls;
Forgotten spirits wander once elegant halls.

Horrific deeds of passion, murder, and greed;
Planted in this house like an unholy seed.
Abandoned by the living many long years ago;
Yet the house remembers, and festering evil may grow.

Like calls to like, as the house welcomes new tenants;
To twisted spirits and ghouls, years pass like minutes.
The house's spirit has warped, no longer welcoming and warm;
Now terror and nightmares have become the norm.

Not all spirits are housed in bodies of flesh;
Once living wood with psychic forces may mesh.
Spirits are real, both the living and the dead;
So consider this thought, when choosing your bed.



In the morning

Oh set me free
In you there is victory

When the sun sets
May i have no regret

And in the morning when i wake
Help me make no mistakes

As the day begins anew
May we kneel down to you

And give us your full grace
That one day we will see your face

In that day or could it be night
That we remain precious in your sight.


Love Michelle Lee Carter



The Purpose of the Law

The Law added for transgression,
Till the seed to the promise made;
Understanding of confession,
Learning how God must be obeyed.

Through the angels was put in place,
As a mediator implies;
More than just One, though God gives grace,
For the forgiveness that applies.

The Law surely not different,
For it is given to give life;
People should not be ignorant,
When being confronted with strife.

Righteousness indeed through the Law,
But Scripture imprisoned in sin;
Corrupting to increase the flaw,
And a moral decay within.

Promise by faith in Jesus Christ,
Is given to those who believe;
The reason being sacrificed,
For salvation that you receive.

Before faith came, we were captives,
Imprisoned till faith was revealed;
And were feeling like fugitives,
When intercession gave a shield.

The Law shield our guardian,
In order through faith justified;
Christ as authoritarian,
The Son of God is glorified.

But because now that faith is here,
We no longer need to worry;
For the triune God we revere,
Worshipping and laud the glory.

Through faith you are all sons of God,
For many of you were baptized;
To honor while we applaud.
Should never be shocked or surprised.

Not Greek nor Jew neither a slave,
Not a single female or male;
Shall be remaining in their grave,
Because their faith will never fail.

If you are of Christ, then an heir,
From Abraham being His seed;
You are promised having a share,
Of an inheritance indeed.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer




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20/20 Vision

20/20 Vision

Are we sure we see our calling
From Almighty God's perspective?
We must understand our mission
If we are going to be effective.

Remember, blind Bartimaeus
Could not see a single thing.
But he did have spiritual sight
Because he recognized the King!

All of us have spiritual eyes.
But could be in need of an exam.
It's only through the eyes of faith
That we see Jesus as the Lamb.

You wonder did Abraham see God?
Did Moses? What's the story?
Yes, but I believe through spiritual eyes
Or else could not withstand God's Glory!

Yet, its so real. it's close to physical.
His Presence can be so profound!
And spiritual ears can hear His Voice!
One learns to recognize the sound!

It all begins and ends with Faith.
Faith gives us glimpes of God's face.
And Faith will lead us safely Home
Because its entertwined with Grace.

There are some things that we must do.
Gather together for corporate strength.
Encourage each other and pray pray pray.
We must read the Word of God at length.

We're about to enter a new decade.
And the trials before us will be many
But we can handle whatever comes
If our spiritual vision is 20/20.

Doris Jacobs*Covington
October 22, 2019

~~Dedicated to Frank~~
(the Christian lawyer)

Psalm 19:8
The precepts of the LORD are right,
giving joy to the heart. The commands
of the LORD are radiant, giving light
to the eyes.

Psalm 119:103
How sweet are your words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Romans 1:20
For since the creation of the world
God’s invisible qualities—his eternal
power and divine nature—have been
clearly seen, being understood from
what has been made, so that people are
without excuse.





If I can help you

To turn that frown upside down

It too makes me smile.

copyright´2019 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Hope is Contagious

I will tell you something a bit outrageous, hope is contagious
If you have hope in your life, life can be courageous
Life can be weathered and torn, at times hope can be a little worn
As sure as the day we are born, the light of hope is adored
There may be times when you can not find release
There are moments when we find no peace
Hope will guide us through, it's strength is true
So, I offer you this fact, when your life is under attack
Look into the eyes of hope, and bring its value back
Hope is the new word for "cope"

©Allseasonsvers 10/21/2019




where have I been
some place
not new
and old
and changing

that's where I have been
and long to
return to
as the amphibians did
long ago
and eventually became
who I am today
an animal who thinks
but mostly too much

I might be a starfish
gazing up into a brilliant sky
I might be one of the white grains
trampled along the shore
I might be a shell
occupied or emptied
I might be the swells
that claim it all and more

I would do
in my heart
I would divine what is in my soul
to return here
even in dreams
just so I could return at will
and make my wishes be
my open door.


I have been to the ocean and have found it difficult
to return to the life of land*lovers
*the city is a place to get by in
not a place in which to thrive.
The ocean is a living place. A breathing space.
Fresh and ever*changing and alive. I will make it
my mission to return as often as I/we are able.

3:59/10/21/2019 TIME/DATE STAMPED


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