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Jesus and God Exalted

Our God reigns above.
The solid ground his foundations abound.
And his Majesty Is Jesus.
Dear sweet Jesus.
Our God reigns he is everywhere.
The solid ground the foundations profound.
And his Majesty is Jesus.
Our King and our God.
Forever unto eternity and beyond.
I will worship.
He is my King.
Your son.
And you are my God
And You are my God.
Our God reigns above.
The galaxies proclaim.
Our God Reigns.
Our Savior Lives.
Never fear.
Jesus! And God Are Here!
Never fear Jesus! and God Are here!
By Gale F Merrill 1/23/17



I love you and I always will

I love you and I always will

Perchance you misjudge my intention
Give me leave to explain straight away
Your love I'll protect till my last dyeing breath
You'll find it writ large on my grave

Fetch me Merlin's gold chalice of truth
There's no test that I'd shrink from or lose
If my heart's to be tried let the chalice decide
Turning water to wine as a proof

A toast it would seem is in order
See the chalice is full to the brim
You'll always delight me I don't say it lightly
I love you and I always will

© Joseph G Dawson



A Warning

I encourage you to stay,
In the city where you are;
And never to go astray,
That causes another scar.

You could order some people,
To stop teaching false doctrine;
Limit it to the Gospel,
And maintain your discipline.

Stop preaching of fairy tales,
With endless genealogy;
Raises a question that fails,
To construe theology.

Faith is centered in the plan,
For love to flow to its goal;
To a pure heart of a man,
Which will have a righteous soul.

Some leave these assets behind,
Turning to useless discourse;
No longer humble and kind,
Which brings about no remorse.

They want to be an expert,
Into what Moses had taught;
Not realizing some get hurt,
Of false information got.

Some taught do not understand,
What teachers do talk about;
As to what the laws demand,
Leaving of all kinds of doubt.

So what Moses taught is good,
Being used as intended;
But if ignored as some would,
And easily offended.

You must realize that the laws,
Are not for who God approve;
Rather those who do have flaws;
If confessed God will remove.

For those who do lie and cheat,
Immoral sex acts and lust;
Be warned that God will defeat,
The ones without any trust.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer




Don't go to war with an unarmed foe
I went against that recently I know
Least it be men armed only with a thesaurus
of big words and mostly made up propaganda
I got caught up in the elections
Many of my friends said the same thing
Neither candidate was my choice
But America obviously needed change
or It would be Spanish speaking and gangs
drugs sold on every street corner legal by the current administration
So give the new President a chance
I appreciated President Obama and his family values
What I did not appreciate was a weakened America
You don't like this how this country is run
And treating of illegal immigrants more than our Veterans
Our fireman our Policeman of all races
Take away the stolen guns from gang members
OK, it was a plus they were killing each other
But innocents were caught in the crossfire
Just as they are in the middle east conflicts
I don't need to see poetry promoting Mideast politics
Words and lies from unarmed man and a thesaurus
Lets stick with American values and Democracy
It has worked for over two hundred years
Why the illegals are coming here in the first place
We do need to send home the discontented home
As my forefathers, speak the language pay the taxes
And not be expected to live on a free ride




It never RAINS, in southern, California, but when it rains it rains, and POURS and *POUR
And lately, we have been getting , rained on, *MORE,* and *MORE

This is the most rain here in California, that i can ever *REMEMBER
So much rain, has poured and poured, and has filled up the empty reservoirs* for *SURE

So *many* wild* fires* occurred *this *summer,* it*was*, a *SHAME
But these down pouring rains, to this, severe drought ridden state, its a real blessing that finally they *CAME

But when it rains it *POURS
And now, mud slides, and up rooted trees, and flooding, has occured so much *MORE

But the rains have been a *BLESSING And the, scorched and burnt, dry lands,* now quenched*, will *bask, *grow, *and *shine* grow*and*bloom*and*SING

The *Beautiful*California,*Wild *flowers *of *SPRING
Many *many *beautiful* wild*flowers* these *rains *to*the *lands *will *BRING

Th lakes, ponds and every little, stream and *RIVER
Is *now *close *to *being *FULL,* again* for*SURE

So *the *winds, *and* the *rains *have *been *consistent*, constant,*persistant,* harsh *and *SEVERE
For this land of California, out on the beautiful west coast, out* HERE

In Minnesota, the harsh, hard, brutal, weather its the *NORM
Folks are not use to this out here in sunny southern California, where most evey day its BRIGHT, SUNNY, DRY, and*Beautifully*WARM

It never rains in Southern California, but when i pours it *POURS
And lately it has, been very windy, stormy, and has been raining and raining, more and *MORE

By john d Jungers
23rd of January 2017




Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.



Once upon an Era

My heart leaks ink
When you read my words
Its true
I wanted you to eat them
You churned my heart
You made it into a beverage
Its trapped in pens
All i can do is write this
Telling you now
How much you have hurt me
I am not who i was
I don't even know whats going on
I wish i did
My body has no explanation
As to what its doing to me
You can drive
Say thank God
I have this privlidge
Still you never care to invite me
To all he lectures and all the events
I am just nothing to you
Like we were once upon an era
When joy leaked through our souls
We were happy playing in the sun
Throwing snow in the streets
Making our hands purple
When we were squishing berries
You remember when we ran home
Prank calling operators
My heart hurts that i know
I lost you
I wanted to be there when you was grieving
I dont even have your new number
So don't tell me i am not a good friend
If i can't even call you
Oh my days i wasn't lonely
You lived down the street
I loved you

Inspired by Justin beiber One less lonely girl and one time




The Prevaricator and Chief is lost in a self spun web of lies from which only truth can extricate him.

President DJ Trump is a veteran of hyperbole who has mastered the articulation of deceit on a professorial level.

Distinguishing himself as a legitimate son of the Devil explains his meteoric rise to the ameriKKKan presidency.

With the innate cunning of a canine this real*estate mongrel, this mogul of Manhattan victoriously and at times viciously

Growled, snarled and fought his way link by link to the top of the political dog eat dog food*chain of power politics,

To become the undisputed Top Dawg of DC and World*wide Government backed Racial, religious and sexual Bigotry,

White Power!
Say it again.
White Power!
Say it again.
White Power !.
Yes, White Power Will make amameriKKKa grest agsin. Today,Tomorrow and Forevermore.
We finally got our country back!
Yeee Haaa.
Go back to Africa,
Go back to Asia,
Go back to South America,
Go back to India,
Go back to Puerto Rico,
Go back to Haiti,
Go back to Dominican Republic,
Go back to the Philippines,
Go back to China,
Go. back to Korea,
Go back to Samoa,
Go back to Fiji,
Go back to Solomon Islands,
Go back to Indonesia,
Go back to Malaysia,
Go back to Cambodia,
Go back Go back Go back


Habib Abu Lateef


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