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LIFE 2 ( Free Verse)

~Life 2 ~

Life is filled with so much joy and so much aching
Always like the weather,like the clouds on the sky, we go changing
Aiming for new directions where dreams sometimes may take us
To all those new places filled of happiness and sometimes sadness
One way or the other, we don't have a choice but to proceed,just to go
Making the best that we are able to continue this show through
As days passes us quickly by, with no hellos or goodbyes of any kind
While we look miserable at the clocks and all the things we left far behind
So much had taken place all those years that went so quick
We can't bring those moments back , but, still we can hear their music,
In our hearts and minds it is like it was then and when
And in our heads will play it forever over and over and then till the end again!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000






Comfortable within, comfortable without;
Not fitting societies pattern, but not caring.
Creativity leaps from every pore;
Your subdued sensuality whispers…
You are alive in uniqueness.

Preciousness grows from rarity;
The inner gold of a heart pure.
Living on the exciting edge of life;
You explore a different way to be…
You are awake in uniqueness.

Gentle warmth radiates from presence;
A fire burning in pastel hues.
Fearless in the journey that is life;
Confident in the person that you are…
You are aware in uniqueness.




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Please remember to pray for Israel and the Peace of Jerusalem

I pray YAHWEH'S blessings on our Jewish brothers and sisters

Kathy Collier



Learning Praise

Praise the Lord in His holy place,
Praise the Lord for all of His grace;
Praise Him in His mighty Heaven,
Praise Him for what He has given.

Praise the Lord for all of the facts,
Praise the Lord for His mighty acts;
Praise the Lord for being so great,
Praise the Lord for keeping me straight.

Praise the Lord for the ears of corn,
Praise Him with the sound of the horn;
Praise Him with the harp and lyre,
Praise Him for all you acquire.

Praise Him with tambourines and dance,
Thank Him for giving you a chance,
Thank for vegetables and fruit,
Praise Him with guitars and the flute.

Praise Him with cymbals and the drum.
Praise the Lord without being glum;
Praise the Lord because He is good,
Praise the Lord always as you should.

Praise the Lord for every breath,
Praise the Lord for life after death;
Let all things that breathe praise the Lord,
Show that He is loved and adored.

Praise Him for His mighty power,
Praise Him for every hour;
Praise Him for showing us the way,
Guiding us that we never stray.

Praise Him for all that He has done,
Praise Him for giving us His Son;
To die for us and set us free,
Freeing us from the tyranny.

Praise the Lord to cleanse us within,
So no longer a slave to sin;
Praise the Lord for another chance,
Unto Heaven we can advance.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer




An oasis of raffia is tied to the door

By the brightest piece of red ribbon.

A huge circle measuring two feet across

And decorated with love and with giving.

A welcoming sight to visitors crossing o'er the path

A silent siren of Christmas held dear.

In a world where believing is sometimes forgotten

Allow your love to be the spirited cheer.

The glossy green holly leaf

Fat red berries

Threaded carefully with hand.

If I had a wish

It would be :

Let this Christmas and those amongst us

Peacefully stand.



Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away

Will there be a bright light
Or just a slowly fading into grey
An awakening into consciousness
Or a drift into nothing, a going away
Like a light switched off
A final dreamless endless sleep.
A natural ending.
But you takes your choice,
The finality of the atheist,
Or the believer’s joyful voice.
The inevitable end
We all have to face.
I just hope to go
With dignity and grace.
I hope the resurrectionist
Have got it right
But really my belief is
Endless unconscious night,
And so the world
Moves inexorably on.
Maybe finally surviving atoms
Wander and drift near and far
To be incorpoated in
The birth of a new star
And in some wondrous way
Far beyond any man’s ken
What was dead
May come back to life again.





I have lived in this body since my birth
And I know myself much better than
Anyone else except one ´ you Precious.

No one is perfect and I know my own
Imperfections very well perfectly and
You my Love, are so close to perfection.

To me you are the Goddess of Love and
I am a mere mortal man worshipping you
Like a true devotee with heart full of love.

When I think about myself, I see my own
Faults so closely, clearly and magnified;
I feel I am totally unworthy of your love.

Accepting my love and giving me a place
In your life and in your heart, you have
Obliged me and have enslaved my heart.

I love you and have no desires other than
To please you my Love, by loving you with
True heart and soul and stay in your heart.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
19th December, 2014.



Make Your Day Count For the Lord Jesus Christ

Give every waking moment of time to the Lord and make the day count for Him.
Don´t be one to only think of yourself.
It is the remembrance of God that glorifies Him.
Look to Jesus s the One Who will vindicate you when others say differently.
Applaud Him and give praise to Him for the love that He has for you.
Make it a point to be cognizant and mindful of your love for Jesus.
For Jesus will NOT always strive with man as He tells us; in His Word.
Be a firm believer what the Bible has to say about everything.
Don´t sit and complain about things you have no control.
Be yielded to God for all time and never tire of His instructions and direction.
Give as was freely given to you by the Lord.
Concentrate upon the positive things God has for you and make the day count for the Lord Jesus Christ.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)


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