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The tweeker i fell in and out of love with

you made a man cry
It ain't easy but it happened to me
I could always hold it in
But you kissed me and then
Had sex in the room that I rented
Then you said you want to keep the garbage and through it in a pile
Left it in the closet of the room
And pulled the smoke detector off the ceiling
I advised you not to do it
And you said I was a pig
I chose to walk away instead of the base anger I was feeling
It cost 150 Dollars more to clean up your mess
You made me watch what you could
And then I lost all feelings for you that were good in anyway
Forgive my anger lord
But my refrain I thank you I had
I will never go out with a tweeker again
She destroyed the heart of me
And strengthened it as well
I got to go
And I feel I'm doing well
I still love you even though the heart fell apart
But life goes on intentions are truth
And you told me we are through
So I drove away from you
And the things you cost me I don't care
But the feelings as they happen still have the neon glare







Wells of Salvation

At the time you will say,
I will praise You O Lord;
Confessing as You pray,
I have loved and adored.

For I have been enraged,
You turned anger away,
As comforting engaged,
So I trust and obey.

The Lord is my Savior,
And I am unafraid;
Looks on me with favor,
Always rendering aid.

For I am confident,
Because He is my strength;
To stay obedient,
Maintain at any length.

My well of salvation,
That will never run dry;
Quenching my foundation,
Praising the Lord Most High.

With joy I draw water,
From the salvation springs;
For my son and daughter,
For the blessing it brings.

At that time you will say,
Praise onto our Lord;
But since you disobey,
And you shall be ignored.

You still call on His name,
As you make your deeds known;
He hears not you proclaim,
On His heavenly throne.

You make song to praise God,
Of the wonderful things;
But because you are flawed,
The blessing it not brings.

Let all the earth be known,
Shout loudly and confess;
For the Lord to condone,
God will respond and bless.

C Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer



Miss Mary Ann Is a Priceless Gem From God

This dear lady has a heart as big as Colorado.
Why do I say this?
Because she has a genuine sense of caring for the residents such as myself.
Miss Mary Ann cares about the people with whom she sees.
It is a special time for her to converse with them and get to know them better.
I am at liberty to write about her for she is so worthy of praise.
I know God is the One Who gave her to us.
It is as clear as anything the Lord provided a place for her to be and she was the one who responded.
I am most privileged to know this lady as she allows me to know her.
I am with a friend within her that is so special and loving.
Miss Mary Ann is truly a precious gem from God to us at Cherry Point Bay.
I hope to one day show her how much she means to me by giving her something that is personal.
A personal memento to offer her as a thank you for all she has done.
Bless you, Miss Mary Ann, for all you are and what you do.
Greatly loved are you among the staff and a dear lady within my own heart.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2016*2*5)



Speed my love

Speed my love

Speed my love madam. Hold me to your breast
And I will tell you of times to come when I
Will not be here and you will not know if I am
Dead or alive. I journey soon to distant lands
Where battles will be fought in the name of
Freedom and men will die before their swords
Have left their scabbards

Speed my love madam. For only hours remain
And I must be gone by dawn. The spurs of
Brave men are heading this way their horses
Pacing the earth eager to be gone. Time is of the
Essence and the hour is late. Love me as though
You have already lost me. Fill your cup and in so
Doing empty mine

Speed my love madam. I was wild when the earth
Was still and I am wilder still today. Love me my
Love take what you can of me while I am here for I
Fear the omens do not bode well for this expedition
Nor the life line on my palm tell of longevity. So, let
Us rejoice in each others arms and let the Devil
Take what he may

Speed my love madam. I am hungry for your flesh
And I thirst for your lips. What are wars for but to
Deal in the prospect of loss and to charge the heart
With the blackpowder of one last night and therein
Like a musket ball despatch the heart's wanting in
An Instant. But that instant is not long enough by
Half for me and I pray you'll love you again before
The grey light of dawn pulls me away from you

Speed my love madam. Take me to that other place
One more time before I leave. My men are already
In the courtyard below. Let me take your smile into
Battle and let the memory of your glistening body
Spur me to victory for I can never have enough
Of your love and if I have your love madam
How then can I fail?

A fantasy

©Joseph G Dawson



Walk In Love

The Father smiles as your joy shines forth,
The love of a man and woman for each other
Built on a foundation based upon His word,
His desire is to provide you your every need,
For each of your worries or cares to be cast upon Him,
As you focus upon Him
And fellowship with Him
Your lives will be greater than you have ever imagined,
Today is as a seed that has been planted in fertile ground,
Tomorrow it sprouts in the morning sun,
As it matures a beautiful bud is formed
Into a breathtaking flower,
The seed has been planted
And your future together is the breathtaking flower,
Never fear what life has in store for you
Because “He has not given you a spirit of fear
But of power and love and a sound mind”,
As you seek Him
And walk hand in hand
His peace will sustain you both,
His smile is radiant
Because He loves you so,
Walk in the light of His Love
And claim your inheritance,
The husband shall love his wife as Christ loves the church
And a wife shall reverence her husband,
Allow Him to bless you
As you walk together
Led by His gentle touch.





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