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Royal Ball

Royal Ball

Unleash the Dragon, let him bring the heat!
He is a creature you may not want to meet.
His slanted eyes reveal the lies of man's deceptive ways,
He easily breathes fire and releases
flames anytime night or day

Lookout for a shift of wind you could end up
Like a toasted marshmallow, and your frame
Could become hollow, with certain death to follow
So if you know the direction of the wind,
You could keep safe and sound, which is so
Much better than chasing flames around

The Dragon told a story of his father and Kingly Knights of old
not mentioning his father was nursing a nasty cold.
The Prince and Princess of France were holding a seasonal dance.
The Spring Ball would bring many Kings and Queens, to the show,
to have a chance to take a thorough glance, of this majestic Dragon
Many showed by horse, some by foot, or fancy wagons
As the story held our interest he was ready to give a squeeze,
the Dragon's head went up and down, as he tries to fight off a sneeze

But to top it off there was a tickle in the fresh breeze
Aaaaah chew, he finally let loose the sneeze;
Burning down the forest trees.
The Prince thought he would cancel the ball, but my father
Dragon would not have that at all!

Just, ah ah ah aaaaah chew, now that flaming sneeze just stirred
Up a giant nest of bees!
Ouch! That's going to leave a mark!
I saw it happen, thank God it wasn't dark.
Too bad you can't sneeze on Que, we'd change this ball
To a royal barbeque.

This is the end, in that time they had no cold remedy,
Just smoldering trees and swarms of angry bees!



Night´s Feast

Just another lazy summer day;
Nothing much to do, nothing much to say.
Waiting for fading sun to finally release
Waiting for night time´s cool succrease.

Trapped inside this air conditioned cave,
Chained here like an abandoned slave.
Stepping outside is like walking into hell;
Safer just to huddle inside this shell.

Ah, but when the blazing sun sinks below the rim,
When my claustrophobia is near the brim,
Then I venture forth from confining tomb,
Then I prowl the land midst gathering gloom.

Cursed be the sun and it´s blazing light,
Blessed be the cool beckoning night.
Now I stalk forth for my evening feast,
To prey on those who expect it least.

No longer to deny my burning thirst,
Who shall be tonight´s victim first?
Perhaps the teen out past curfew,
Or mayhap the drunken sot with his bottle of brew.

At last, the sun finally sets, ´tis time to dine,
And sip on rich lifeblood so divine.
Perhaps our paths may cross under moon´s caress,
Might I suggest you wear that slinky red dress?



Discipline and Apostasy

God gave them cleanness of teeth,
Lack of bread in all places;
Gave them profits from beneath,
And bestowed His good graces.

Yet they return not to God,
They have shown no gratitude;
Giving no honor and laud,
Having a bad attitude.

God also withheld the rain,
Yet three months to the harvest;
Causing their yield have such pain,
The toils that they did invest.

He would send rain to one place,
But no rain to another;
As one field was a disgrace,
That withered for their brother.

Two or three places wandered,
Because no water to drink;
They suffered as they pondered,
Of the Lord they did not think.

Yet they were not satisfied,
To return unto the Lord;
They rather be crucified,
And just let God be ignored.

God struck with mildew and blight,
On the gardens and vineyards;
But still could not see the light.
And kept ignoring His words.

Locusts devoured fig trees,
As well as trees with olives;
They snubbed His voice in the breeze,
Disregards all that He gives.

He sent down a pestilence,
Killed the young men with the sword;
Their continued violence,
As they disregard the Lord.

So, He sent burning embers,
On the cities that ignored;
So that each one remembers,
The wrath that comes from the Lord.

The Lord who forms the mountains,
Who makes the morning so bright;
As water flows from fountains,
And the sun to shine its light.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer





Now you see me Now you don`t

One day I thought `Oh what the heck`
So I went to Portreath just to check,
But alas Portreath was still bereft
Since Bob the Builder upped and left.

No Scoop, Lofty, or Dizzy to be seen
Only the places where they had been,
The jobs were finished and so they moved on
Now Bob and his friends from Portreath are gone.

Wendy must be with him for she`s missing too
Without Bob I know Wendy would be blue,
Muck and Roley also have jobs to do
They are an important part of the crew.

He must move around to where the jobs are
I`ll keep on looking and hope he isn`t far,
I`ll listen for `Bob the builder can we fix it`?
Bob the builder `Yes we can` for he`ll not quit.

copyright´2019 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Walking the Waves

Walking the Waves
Walking the waves of white, have no
desire to capture the storms worthy

Destination of ocean lost, water
hitting the banks over and over
again in time with the rumbling
thundering skies.

Angry the sea becomes, with opinions
deeper than the brownish eyes of
her loveless shore, covering fires
of disappointment and breathless
desires of freedom lost.

Life forces encouragement to weary
gathering of human despair, and thoughtless
demands causing frustration, cooling off
the warmth that used to exist in the hearts of
thriving acceptance of human desire, continuing
on with unbelievable teaching not meant to
be passed down to children with lifeless eyes, with
no smiles to bring in the light.

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)




The Company called a meeting
The biggest there´d ever been
Some came by road and rail
Some came by flying machine
Some came by balloon, by boat
One even came by submarine
One dropped in by parachute,
To ensure he´d be seen.
Smart casual dress they´d said
But don´t attend in jeans
It´s an honour to attend
The biggest meeting ever been

I was one of the many chosen
The management chose to go
There was music and fanfares
And a flashing strobe light show
The Chief Executive strode out
Across the well lit stage
This was cutting edge stuff
For a new techno age
The reason for this gathering
Prudentia she of classical grace
replaced as company image
By an outline headbanded face.

They´d come by road and rail
By sea air and submarine
For the biggest gathering
The staff had ever seen
The company had that day
To a very large extent
ground almost to a halt
For a stupid non event.
When the pay round was due
It came as no great surprise
They didn´t have the money
To give any staff a decent rise ,



Need It Bad

Gimme summa dat stuff,
right on.
Gimme summa dat stuff
fore I'm dead and gone.
Shoot me some of that stuff
you bet
'cause enough of that stuff
I never get.
Lend me some of that stuff
give me some of that stuff
without delay
Hit me up with that stuff
every hour.
'cause with that stuff
I got the power.

I said, please,
do you deliver.
make me shiver with that stuff
cuz, my baby and me
we never get enough
at the end of the day
I begot nothin to say
but give me some ah dat stuff
gonna help me to remember to forget.
About them rings on your fingets
and your perfumed white satin gloves
the memory lingers of your sweet baby love
but don't forget that stuff.,
cuz I never get enough
at the end of the day
I got nothin to say
but give me some of that stuff
gonna help me to remember to forget
who I am what I am where I am
please Mr. Please, give me some of that stuff

I got me a problem
can your relate.
My baby took off with the fish
left me with the stringer and the bait.
Now I want to get ship load a truck load
a boat load in of that stuff
slam it home with that stuff.
Right on.
give me some of that stuff
fore I'm dead and gone.
free stuff freaky free stuff
Free to be you
Free to be me

one, two three stuff
He she stuff.
Bring it on.
just give me some of that stuff
gonna help me
to remember
to forget
cha ha ha.

These rings on your fingers
with your perfumed Satin gloves
ooh, the memory lingers of your sweet baby love
but don't forget that stuff, cuz I never get enough
at the end of the day. I got nothin to say
but give me some of that stuff gonna help me to remember to forget

How I need it bad.
Iron clad
Just been had
Fat gold money's mad
Froze my ass in Stalingrad.
Shwag fell out my zip bag
and I need it
and that's why
I'm still wingin it round here.
It's dangerously clear.
Why are you here?
You never said thank you
when they said please
you say your act's together but
there's splits up in your jeans.
and now you're screamin
beggin, creamin, bleedin, heavin
please Master. Please,
give me some of that stuff
Mother needs it bad.
Daddy needs it bad
sister needs it bad
brother needs it bad

And, that's why you're all still
slingin it round here.
It's patently clear.
Ever tried runnin away
or commitin suicide.
your puzzle pieces couldn't be all scattered
around here.
You smoke your stuff til
you're dim and cross eyed
over the Moon
puke drunk
on cheap beer.
Is that what you hold sacred
Does it kick you in gear.
When you need it bad.
Break it to me easy
when you need it bad.
Shake me down easy
when you need it bad.
Hit me up easy
when you need it
that's why I'm still singin it round here.
It's famously clear
Does it have to be the hard way

The long way.
The somebody done somebody wrong way
King Kong on your prawn way.
break it to me easy baby
when you need it bad
it's Iron clad,
you've just been had
fat gold money's mad
froze your ass in Stalingrad
Schwag fell out your zip bag
Now you need it
and that's why we're all still slingin it round here.
It's patently clear.
Sometimes, we're here for
what you need
when you need it bad.



What Could a Death Meet-Up Have To Offer?

There's a group online
which meets bi*weekly
they discuss death
in a friendly open atmosphere
totally non*judgmental
open to all
black attire not required

snacks provided
pay for your own beer to swill in
Kleenex not provided

I linger there
at this listing
of meet*ups
considering showing up as
The Reaper with sickle in hand
me and my sick humor

I recall a Death and Dying class in college
asking a classmate for two cigarettes
and remembering I had a pair of silky pink underwear
in my backpack

after inserting the two cigarettes into my ears
and putting the underwear on my head
my classmate and I started guffawing
we were systematically expelled from the lecture hall
snorting all the way

My friend wore a hat much like Michael Nesmith's
on his bald head with intermittent hair sprouting in
the wintry hat was a trend not yet in fashion back then

I had just mentally recovered from finding out
that I did not have a diagnosis of cancer
and that my results had been mixed up with someone else's
and to add to that exasperation
I'd just learned
my long distance boyfriend having moved on to a rich sugar Mamma
while my parents twenty year marriage simultaneously
dissipated into fracturous nasty divorce

as our snorts continued to echo down the hallway
we looked into each others'faces

comic relief and death
at the moment
a most appropriate combination

I am feline*curious now
what could this
Death Meet*Up
have to offer me?




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