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I want to feel the crispness of your touch The placement of your words laid upon my ears I want to understand the maze within your eyes The roads you've taken that brought you to me. I want to walk with you on a cloudy day, with drenched, soaked skin Take you in Evaporate into you like a morning dew. I want to feel the depth of your love The depth of your longing for me.




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When you HAVE, no SLEEP

When you have no SLEEP
it leaves you, weary, exhausted, sad and WEAK

So i will be getting the tests, that the doctor ordered, here pretty soon
so , hopefully all these test are accomplished today before noon

I know as a nurse so many people live their daily life, with extreme discomfort and pain
it leaves you so SAD, and WEARY*, exhausted and tierd, you forget what day it is, or even your name

When your in pain, or have failing HEALTH
all the riches that you own and pocess, nothing even matters, and you know that your well*being, and Health and fitness is all that matters as your greatest Blessing, and WEALTH

Some folks they think that they can handle their life, living, and love, so confidently, so bravely, just all on their very OWN
but when you are down on your knees, there is only one place to go, and you look up, and learn to PRAY, and find comfort in GODS, LOVE, mercy and GRACE, and thats it, come what may, and whatever will be, you just know, the lord is with you, the lord watches over you, and you will never be ALONE

For as we know, the LORD, works in mysterious ways, that humanely, we can not understand
but the older we come, and the more life that we endure, survive, and, live, that for us all, every woman, child and man, our father GOD, he has a Divine, heavenly PLAN

I will be HAPPY, to get myself back in the GYM, latter on in this DAY
to meditate, pause, recuperate, and get focused, and PRAY

So im hoping that the injury to my ARM
can be quickly mended, and healed, and i can move on, with no more hinderance and HARM

My arms were always, powerful and STRONG
i feel, now with me, that this weakness, just does not Rightfully BELONG

So come what may, and what ever will be shall BE
hopefully, this right ARM, discomfort and PAIN, can be easily solved, and DISOLVED, and i can become PAIN*FREE

The nurse at urgent care, referred to my injury, as like a tennis ELBOW, with restrictive movement, swelling and PAIN
and as a bursitis, so i believe thats what i have the exact SAME

When you face the day with little to no sleep or REST
it is a challenge to be your very BEST

But , im anxious to get these test completed
and this problem won and defeated

Im thinking of all of the folks that i cared for, and the pain they HAD
i always did my very best to make them smile,brighten and cheer them up, make them laugh, when they were, sleep deprived, down and out, DEPRESSED, worried, and deep, down, SAD

By john d jungers
23rd of AUGUST 2016




The sunset tumbled into the dark of night
Leaving the faintest of rays where it had been.
The countryside slowly faded out of sight
Disappearing as the darkness settled in


The world came alive with a million tiny lights
Blinking, twinkling in the meadow and glen.
The fireflies glimmered out of sheer delight
To dance the light fantastic once again


From my window I try to peer thru the gloom
Where curling wisps of mist ebb and flow
I am settled in so warm and snug in my room
As the creatures of the night come and go


Maybe later I'll go out and gaze at the stars.
Sometimes a falling star will go flickering by.
On rare occasions I catch a glimpse of Mars,
And Venus brightens the early evening sky


The darkness wraps me in a blanket of calm
The companionship of night warms my soul.
A soft and gentle breeze is a soothing balm.
My mind rids itself of daytime's heavy toll


As dew begins to form on the cooling ground
I take leave of the darkness.my old friend.
I believe this night I shall fall asleep so sound
That I dream of fireflies and darkness once again

*_* 08*23*2016 *_*





I'm a child of times when
Success was rotund and fat
But modern Medical Science
Soon put an end to that.
In an age of calorie counters
Where slimness is the rule
To be more than sylph like
Is to be an Ignorant fool.
They are all in this together:
My earnest doctor said
Lose a lot of weight mate or
Soon you'll wake up dead.
I am struggling with the concept
Though many pounds the lighter
For I may not be many things
But I'm certainly a fighter.

The thing with which I struggle,
That alien concept to me,
Can you believe in a thing
You've not been able to see.
They've found the Higgs Bosun
Before that the exotic Quark
But has anyone seen a calorie
In that modern science park.
There seems to be no logic,
Zillions in a thing quite small
Yet something so much larger
Contains few if any at all.
Does the calorie mutate
To so vary in its size;
Is it all an illusion
Fabricated by sales lies?
It's just a modern witchcraft
To make us buy and spend
All in the cause and effort of
Small stomach and rear end.
Being a gullible idiot
I went and fell for if
All of my jeans are now
Far to big to fit.

I've acquired modifications
To my sense of taste
Cut out my favoured things
Lost inches from my waist.
I want crisps by the ton
A double portion of chips
Sure as hell it would go
Straight around my hips.
I'm smaller, leaner and fitter.
They say I'll live much longer
But is it really worth it when
My hunger just gets stronger.
I'm a child of my times
Though I'm fighting all of that
But I was a lot more cheerful
When big rotund and fat



Fear Free

I thank the Lord all the time,
My mouth will always praise Him;
Through Him I feel in my prime,
Giving me vigor and vim.

My soul will boast of the Lord,
The oppressed will hear my voice;
The words are in one accord,
When they hear as I rejoice.

Praise on His greatness with me,
Let us honor Him together;
Joining in song shouting glee,
To His name as we gather.

I went to the Lord for aid,
He answered and rescued me;
No longer was I afraid,
Opening my eyes to see.

His glory is radiant,
To the ones who will proclaim;
If they are obedient,
They will not have any shame.

A poor man who has called out,
The Lord will save when He hears;
If the man does not shed doubt,
The Lord shall calm all his fears.

The messenger of the Lord,
Camps around those who fear Him;
Their rescue is not ignored,
Bringing joy that once looked grim.

Come see that the Lord is good,
Blessings by taking refuge;
Abiding in Him as you should,
Sheltering from the deluge.

Fear the Lord, all holy saints,
If you fear you never need;
Never with any complaints,
No longer of having greed.

Lions hunger and may lust,
But those who would seek the Lord;
With their plea they put their trust,
Their requests are not ignored.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer



Believe in the heart that loves you

Believe in the heart that loves you

Believe in the heart that loves you
And you will not go far wrong: for such
A heart cannot lie nor can it deceive
Hearts such as these are born true
And remain true for all time

Sometimes, even the best hearts
Suffer injury through no fault
Of their own. They may be severely
Treated, their reliability taken for
Granted and their loving ways abused

Hearts of this calibre throb to many
Rhythms. They smile when they might
Otherwise cry, they forgive when
Lesser hearts might walk away. In bad
Times they patiently wait for better times
And God willing, when the good times
Finally do come they rejoice in the reward
Of their faithfulness

Believe in the heart that loves you
And you will be amply rewarded. Your
Bed will always be warm and your lips
Never far from the heat of a love that
Will not cool with time. As for the secret?
Well, if there is one it is surely this:
Believe in the heart that loves you and
It will doubly believe in you

©Joseph G Dawson




My friend got a new job
He is on a power struggle with reality
Known him since grade school
Saw the light the badge
Ah that's Brad
"License and registration
Sir do you know you were going 28 in a 25 zone?"
I called his Mother
I am not speaking to my son
He was following me to make sure
I made it to the knitting club
Gave me a ticket for a tail light being out."
Two weeks later he was fired.
Nice to have him off the streets


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