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I just got back, from spending time with my GRAND--DAUGHTERS, of THREE

I just got back, from spending time, with my GRAND*DAUGHTERS, of*THREE
Just, them, and*ME

We were all, catching up with the school grades, and happenings with each of *THEN
Then took a drive to the high school, where, the, oldest will in *AUGUST*most*EXCITINGLY*ATTEND

The *middle* child, *showed* me *her *school,* project,* and *writing *journal*PAPER
Im *so *impressed *with *her *writing, *ability*and*talent*for*SURE

The *youngest*,gave *me *the *same *old *same *old *NEWS,*that, *i *hear* every *single*TIME
In *school, *AGAIN*, *she *has *all*A*plus*passing*grades*and*she*CONTINUES* *as*always*to*be*the*BRIGHTEST*student*and*SHINE

Spending *time,* with *ALL*of*my*GRAND*DAUGHTERS, of*THREE
In my life, living, and, love, is the *GREATEST*, BLESSING*FOR*ME

My *GRAND*DAUGHTERS, *of, *THREE, *each* of *them *they* are *so * SPECIAL*, and*UNIQUE,* with *a *BEAUTIFUL*LOVING*PERSONALITY*FLAIR*and*STYLE* all *their, *very*OWN
Im*JUST* so*PROUD* of *EACH*ot *THEM*and *just *want *to *say, *I *LOVE, *my *GRAND*DAUGHTERS,* of *THREE, *in *this *little*POEM

By john d jungers
23rd ofmarch 2017



Gone Viral

We always do thank God,
Every one of you;
As we honor and laud,
That He has helped us through.

The Father and the Son,
With the Holy Spirit;
Our God three in one,
Gives what we inherit.

Your faith remains active,
Your love is working hard;
Keeps looking positive,
And remain on your guard.

We will never forget,
For we know God loves you;
And cancels our debt,
Of payment that is due.

Because of the Good News,
We have brought unto you;
Gives you freedom to choose,
As acceptable to do.

It is not only words,
Also power and might;
Like pleasing sound of birds,
Singing within your sight.

You imitated the Lord,
In spite of suffering;
And not to be ignored,
God through His buffering.

For you welcome His Word,
With such a kind of joy;
Like songs when it is heard,
Love that will not destroy.

Your are an example,
For all the believers;
When hearing the Gospel,
As to be receivers.

You must wait for His Son,
To come down from Heaven;
When rescues have begun,
A rebirth been given

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer



Natures Gentle Song

Natures Gentle Song
The loneliness and ache
Oh, memory of you
Is sitting upon my heart
Like a rose covered in dew
Sweetness comes spilling out
To claim the bitterness
Holding back the harsh of day
Replaced by joyfulness
I’m looking out at you, as thoughts
flow through my window
I see the fields indulged
Where wild flowers grow
Your breath upon the thistles
Like a caressing wind
A kiss you placed upon the land
A sweet spray like rain scent
Thorns will grow and spread
But dew will come to rest
Gently like the rose it covers
Easing pain at best
I feel you all around me
Your love imprints are here
In the jar of hope you placed
Inside my heart so dear
Forever I will love the us
That spread our wings beyond
Leaning, Learning, Loving,
Natures gentle song




The cowbell is ringing
That fat lady is singing
Long live the Queen
To the King she is being mean
Do wah do wha tidy!
My attempt at song writing a pity
Gonna buy me a guitar
Petticoat Dictator is laughing
On the, "Voice" you won't get far
Sit on the sidewalk in front of you set a jar
and with my luck someone
Will steal the guitar case
with all the pennies
Do wah do wah Tidy*!



sleepless night

The time is well past midnight, I lay awake now still, Staring into darkness, A sense of dread I'm filled. Racing thoughts of yesterday's, My mind it will not rest, Mistakes I've made. Debts I've paid. I can not let forget. In darkened room, A plume of gloom, Pounding of my heartbeats loom, A brief reprieve. I ask God please. Be still these raving thoughts.



Hello Spring

Green blades of grass sprout
warm carpet
welcome mat to Spring

´March 22, 2017 Janet Irene Griffin

Poem style Lune Poetry




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When you are hurting and in great pain
Your worst enemy is your brain,
It replays everything in your head
And remembers each word that was said.

You try to switch off but it just doesn`t work
It goes to dark places where memories lurk,
It digs them up and these torment you
Which then starts all the heartache anew.

Your brain should be your friend I am sure
Not rake up memories that you have to endure,
It could have the courtesy to let you forget
Then you would be forever in its debt.

copyright´2017 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170


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