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Do You Miss Me When Twilight Descends?

Do you miss me when twilight descends,
and the garish day fades into the netherworld?
What has become of us, of our nights of passion*
when did the waters of pain wash away love´s debris?
You bathed in crystal streams, while I caressed the
strings of my heart´s melodies, and whispered words
of sweet promise, watching you naked before me.

You danced, for me, danced for many it seems, danced away
into the shadows of betrayal´s dark and warm seduction.
I loved you. Yet at times, love is never enough to cool
the raging fires that blaze in a heart consumed with desire.
My love was too distant a star to captivate your dreams.
Tell me. Tell me, dear lady of the eastern moon, do you
miss me when twilight descends upon your lonely rooms?

´ May 2015 Richard Keith Carlton



What Butterfly Must Do

the door speaks
my Father comes home
into the darkness

he does not offer me
his hand

I quiver

I am the leaf dangling
at the end of the bare branch
in my winter bed

alone I turn away
from his tall shadow

I am afraid

what will happen?

the long shadow leans forward
menacing against the wall

I hear heavy feet shuffle*dance forward

the blanket around me is
no cocoon

"Butterfly" he says to me

I hear whiskey in his sidewinder words
(he has spied me breathing)

my leaf shivers and falls
I am fully awake

in my head I prepare for the anger
his anger

while the West Wind lifts
my Butterfly Heart flies away
to the other country of
high mountains
where I was born
and where
I will be free.

Copyright May 5 2015 All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Meloo/Melissa A Howells straight from her Tilt*a*World
All Ideas/Poetry/Prose/Rants are the Expressed Legal Property of This Writer

thank you for reading.



{ { Dreams Made Of Scene Evergreen´Love } }´

Love will bloom and make room
For oh so purest sweetness to grow,
Will never fade in winter shade
It will scold any harsh cold!

Cause it's 4ever scene is Evergreen
Shall last 4ever and a day too,
True Love is 4ever Evergreen
But none no more than My Love 4u Pooh!

He held my hand and whispered soft and low
I will always be here,
You'll never feel me let go
I'll catch and make better every tear!

Cause it's 4ever scene is Evergreen
Shall last 4ever and a day too,
True Love is 4ever Evergreen
But none no more than My Love 4u Pooh Too!
^where last I did grow^
His Pride Glowing Passion Wide

He Dropped The Bomb on Me.

He took this pic.You See Of His Love For Me
Evergreen and an Angel Rainbow PlainLee Seen
We're the 2trees standing 2gether
And when anything but rainbows We Can Weather
That field is gone a house now stands
But it can still feel Our 2hands
Warm And Tender There
And That Fire We Will 4ever Share
SALLY+FARON Can't Help But Heart And Soul Sharin

Her mother had told her My Little One
there's so much you can do but a lot can't be done,
and sometimes you'll make your very own fun
cause you're unique and some be jealous You Shine Brighter Than The Sun!

And oh dear what can the matter be,
oh dear what can the matter be
oh dear what can the matter be?

Now time moves on and the world moves hurtfully so
But You have a heart of gold since 1st You Awoke,
there's no laundromat where we used to go
that 1story factory closed down where you2 met with billows of smoke!

And oh dear what can the matter be,
oh dear what can the matter be
oh dear what can the matter be?

Complications have grown a cruel world is fought
the compassion fights to be there cause the old way's still taught,
though her mind is her own from grief it is rot
now on earth to suffer seems to be in so called life her lot!

And oh dear what can the matter be,
oh dear what can the matter be
oh dear what can the matter be?
My Mama Said Her Pride Glowing Red

^where 1st I did grow^

BUT there are 2 Heavenly watching over me



Seek the Lord

Give thanks unto the Lord,
And call upon His name;
Show that He is adored,
As you go and proclaim.

Make known to each kingdom,
All of which He has done;
Of His supreme wisdom,
Sacrificing His Son.

Sing unto our God,
Make music to praise Him;
Giving honor and laud,
Having vigor and vim.

Meditate on events,
Miracles He has done;
Feeling when one repents,
As victory been won.

Go and lift up your voice,
Brag of His Holy name;
And let your heart rejoice,
As you go to proclaim.

Search the Lord for your strength,
Always seek His presence;
To persevere any length,
The might of His essence.

Remember what occurred,
All that He has fulfilled;
Benefits you incurred,
For growth in time to build.

All the amazing things,
And judgments He pronounced;
Condemnation that brings,
To all that have renounced.

He is the Lord your God,
Judgment pronounced on earth;
Give Him honor and laud,
Before He shows your worth.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer




The Right Direction

He's lost and he's come
To a cross roads in life.
He is burdened with all
The regrets and the strife.

He's searching for something
Or someplace to go.
But the what and the where
Are not easy to know.

He looks down at his feet.
The journey's been rough.
He looks into his heart
And it's had enough.

Both roads loom before him
And he must make a choice.
He's glanced down both ways.
Each has a strong voice.

He's gone back and forth
Weighing all that he's heard.
Which one to believe?
Which has the true Word?

He must ask directions.
He sees two men ahead.
One is resurrected.
The other still dead!

If you were the person
Performing this task.
With one living.one dead
Which one would you ask?

Doris Jacobs*Covington
May 5, 2015

~~ Dedicated to Terry (Always a Warrior)
and to George (WordRider1)

Psalm 30:3
O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from
the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I
should not go down to the pit.

John 2:19
Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy
this temple,and in three days I will raise it up.

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

John 11:25*26
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life;
he who believes in Me will live even if he dies,
and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die.
Do you believe this?"…

Acts 2:28
You have made known to me the paths of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence.'




I am playing Alto Flute during
BBC TV filming me for a documentary
on my work on Music and Musicology
in Preston, England.

Music is my first love.
I fell in love with Music
and my love is growing
day by day everyday.

I never knew I would
lean on Music to seek
freedom from the pain
and Music did so well.

Micro*fractures in my
entire spine had a pain
that is beyond words
to describe it fully.

I played Flute and felt
myself hypnotized in
the notes and tunes.
I was lost in Music.

Creating imaginations
in Music had a magic
of fourth dimension.
Time stopped in Music.

Dark days are gone.
I am free from pain.
My Music is now
saturated with Love.


Kris ~ Dreamweaver




I have dreams sometime
When I am in that zone
I get the feelings of life
Nothing can stand in my way
Looking forward to a beautiful day
Thinking about the beauty of life.
Not a care
When it hit you like a bullet
Not too much life.
Dreams are fine
Only when they are fine.
We are always looking
For something to find.
Looking forward to a beautiful life
Thinking about the beauty of life.
Nothing to care about
When you shot.
All you cared about is a lie
Deep words sometime soothes
But after a heart is in pieces
No words can be like love.
Keep your words and give me love.
Looking forward to a beautiful life.
Thinking about you.
And only care is you.
When you act it hit
We are going nowhere slowly






Written by Stella Mitchell

May 2015.

What have I done to ease your pain ? * How have I contributed to
Set you free ? * or have I closed my eyes and heart to every tear that
Falls like rain * from your unblinking * lifeless eyes * what have I done
To change your destiny ?

Have I walked past the agony that you call home * without a single
Glance into your wounded soul * or offered you a balm or remedy *to
Take away your suffering and shame * and given you hope * to know *
You could be free from this abuse * and be made whole.

What have I done ?

How can I change what has become your legacy * without uncovering
Your wounds * and facing truth in all its raw reality * unless I take away the
Grave clothes of regret * that cling like filthy rags and human waste * to your
Once virgin frame * and set the record straight * that you could be a
Carefree child * made new again .

What must I do ?

There's only one thing that I can say * to help to take the stain and guilt
Away * and that is * tell you of the One * who took your agony and pain * and
Nailed it to a gnarled beam * and with His sinless blood * He broke the curse
Of Sin and Death * to set us free * from all the horror mankind inflicts *with
Cruel delight * against his own humanity .

Oh God * whose mercy flows into this cruel world * Forgive * I pray * and
Come into our hearts and wash the stench of sin away * for all have sinned
And fallen short of Your most glorious name * and followed after idols and deceit *
That only lead to greed * heartache and shame * but * when we turn to You * we
Are assured * that we can know forgiveness and be cleansed * through
Your most Holy Word .

So let it be .

So * Lord of Glory * reach down through us * into the pits of deep despair * to
Rescue in Your power and love * the prisoners of hope * that we can see * and
Know * who need a hand to lift them from the chasms of depravity * that hold them
Bound and in captivity * and make a way for all who turn to You * to be set free * to sing and
Dance and laugh again * as through a fountain clear and clean * they know * that all will
Be made well * as from the passing of a fearful dream * and living hell.

It will be well.


There is no situation that we can find ourselves caught in that Jesus cannot
Save us from to change and heal our lives .if we ask Him .

My desire is that all those who are abused and in the depths of despair
will find the Saviour's heart and hands reaching out to them, to set them
free and heal them with His Redeeming love.

God bless you all

with His love

Stella >


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