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Imagine rainbows and tulips
Fields of fresh lavendar
Tears of joy and laughter
The warm summer rain

Walking hand in hand
The smell of perfume
Passionate kisses
Talking by firelight

The cries of a newborn
A hot home cooked meal
Family photographs taken
To understand the sweet simplicity of life

Challenge Winner*The Star Lite Cafe
Originally written 5/7/2013 preciouspoetess (All rights reserved)




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Through Jesus

The Word of Life was from the start,
As we have heard and we have seen;
Being from God within the heart,
As is now and how it had been.

We have observed as well as touched,
Of what this life that has revealed;
And for retaining we have clutched,
We testified when God unsealed.

We are reporting unto you,
All about this eternal life;
And everything it can do,
For ridding you of all the strife.

In the presence of the Father,
It had been revealed unto us;
Delivered through our Brother,
Making able to tell as thus.

This is the life that we have seen,
The life we have heard all about;
The life that makes you pure and clean,
The life that removes any doubt.

A new life where a bridge is built,
In a relationship with God;
As it rids us of all the guilt,
And removes scars where we are flawed.

A relationship through the Son,
Who is also Christ our Lord;
Ensuring victory is won,
And that Satan can be ignored.

If we truly live within God,
Then we are living in the light;
For we truly honor and laud,
By doing everything right.

If in the light is what we say,
But we are living in the dark;
Then we lie as we disobey,
Walking with Satan we embark.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer




Sweetly Comes The Spring

I've read somewhere that March winds are
The morning yawns of spring.
The earth is waking up and God
Has bid each songbird sing.

Each new green leaf presenting
A picture of rebirth.
Rainbows of sun*kissed flowers
Decorating God's green earth.

It is the time for newborn lambs.
The smell of fresh cut grass.
The whirling wings of humming birds.
For the robins to amass.

For bees sipping sweet nectar.
Lush meadows lined with deer.
Bears coming out of hibernation
And butterflies to re*appear.

Camping out.walks through the woods.
A search for wild mushrooms.
Or lying on some sandy beach
Listening to laid back tunes.

It's a time for celebration
As Resurrection Sunday comes!
O, hear the trees clapping their hands!
Listen as creation hums!

God has ordered all the seasons
Each has something good to bring.
But one can almost see Him smiling
As so sweetly comes the Spring.

Doris Jacobs*Covington
March 25, 2015

~~ Dedicated to Janet~~
(Janet's Planet)

Song of Solomon 2:11*12
For behold, the winter is past;
the rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth,
the time of singing[has come,
and the voice of the turtledove
is heard in our land

Mark 4:27 Night and day, whether he sleeps
or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows,
though he does not know how.

Revelation 21:6
He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha
and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.
To the thirsty I will give water without cost
the spring of the water of life."



Karen Is An Awesome Lady to All People

Karen is an awesome lady to all people that she knows.
A dear friend and companion is she towards the ones she loves.
I have been introduced to her and find within her a dear person that is free to come out and shine.
My reason for writing this piece is to share with you the awesomeness of Karen plus the meaning she has within herself.
Her brother, my roommate, Michael, is her brother who is in rehabilitation for a time.
Michael is progressing well and will someday be able to leave here.
It will be the direct result of Karen standing by him when he needs her most.
One cannot say she is hurtful to anyone and especially Michael for there is complete love on her part when it comes to her family all over.
I am most pleased and honored to write this another piece to honor her and give her the praise for standing by him through the rough times.
May the love that is inward shine outwardly for people to know her heart.
I would like to think of her as a new friend to me but that hasn´t been granted yet.
I am able to tetll you she is a treasure to all who know her and especially her family.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2015)




Seclusion comes easy when the world is on fire
To step back and ponder the madness of men
Having witnessed the bloodshed that religion has brought us
Knowing the faith that they cling to is fateful to the end.

So many now claim their God must see bloodshed
As the life force of man seeps below the deep sand
Soon the blood will be drained and war will take over
To kill all those people with blood on their hands.

I have witnessed many wars and the lives that are broken
To believe there is a heaven having lived through this hell
Man has become alien to the goodness born within him
Now the fire is raging and out of control.



Cumulus Personas

Searching for the sunrays through the gray and balmy storm clouds.
Heavy is the weight of melancholy that hangs in the air, and is
intentioned to dampen my spirits. Overcast with swirls of blues and
whites that battle about in order to seize their intentioned plights.
But this dark and morose day does not have the power to snuff out
the hope which shines brightly upon my face. Because I am bent
on vigilance toward victory today, as I craftily fight my own battles.
But what a difficult prospect, to maintain a joy uninterrupted.
Especially when the throes of society appear to be corrupted.
For there are many casualties who are downcast by these
cumulus clouds, with sullen faces, and furrowed brows.
Whether bourgeoisie or proletariat, all are affected and have
chosen to carry it. And who among us has the power of
coercion which can arouse them in their decrepit state of
temperament? A heavy layered depression which builds
upon their shoulders like sediment. But rain or shine be
damned, for I choose to be a grand statement of vibrance
intentioned, despite the forecast's plans. Burning with
passion, I will not be deterred from my course, or shackled
with damning indifference, as if I lack a place of significance
in this world. But I have a role to play, and making humanity
a better place to stay. Nothing less than a deuce ex machina
clothed in modern array. For yes life is hard, and mankind
suffers, and the preponderance of evil does not relent for a
moment. But so is the propensity for good, of those brave
souls who have the balls to make it so. And so, how do we
quantify the current state of World affairs? It is what you
make of it, and it's quality determined by your actions.



WVES Colleagues

the difference is you,

the one who stands beside,

understanding, tolerant of frustrations,

sharing concerns and joys,

teaching without disdain,

including as a team member,

offering diverse, boundless encouragement,

the difference is you,

demonstrating pride and passion,

devoting time and talent,

caring and dedicated,

a part of the change,

changing beyond lessons and assessments,

inspiring beyond words,

the difference is you.


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