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Sugar Cancer



Air Mail

Seek the Lord that He may be found,
Call on Him while He is near;
Listen carefully for the sound,
And say your prayer for Him to hear.

Let the wicked desert their ways,
As evil people forsake their thought;
On what makes you to go astray,
With immorality as sought.

Help them return onto the Lord,
By showing compassion to them;
And that they can be one accord,
So that God shall never condemn.

Help them confess their heart and soul,
Because God will freely forgive;
With righteousness being the goal,
For peace and harmony to live.

His thoughts are not always the same,
His ways are not always likewise;
For you never have the same aim,
Not seeing as He with His eyes.

For Heaven is higher than earth,
So would His ways then be higher;
Since the value has much more worth,
That is present now or prior.

Rain and snow come down from the sky,
As they flow for quenching the earth;
And the dew will form as to cry,
Giving all the crops a new birth.

Moisture will make them sprout and grow,
For farmers to have a great yield;
Producing much to eat and show,
His thorough efforts in the field.

My words which comes out from the tongue,
Much like the efforts of the rain;
No results can come what is flung,
If my words will want to complain.

It will accomplish what I need,
Achieve what I want it to do;
You will go out with joyful seed,
Reaping a harvest that is true.

The mountains and the hills will sing,
Breaking into the songs of joy;
All the trees will clap and will bring,
Fresh fruit to reap as you employ.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer




The terrible, and hoffific ATROCITIES of WAR
in our WORLD, are hurting innocents once more

The plight of the syrian people, is so devastating, in*humane and wrong
in this day and age, of great technical, advancements, these Brutal, ATROCITIES, of WAR, just do not BELONG

How could nations, live with such, evilness, and HATE
killing, maiming bombing, defenseless woman and children, refuges as their fate

Its a crying shame, the ATROCITIES, of war, in this day and age, are as years and decades of shame the exact same
the ATROCITIES, of WAR, may be so far away from us here, and away from your front door, but injustices and evilness is taking* place, and its a *crying*shame,

'may it cease to exist, and last no more

A* CEASE *fire* is *the *humble *PRAYER*and*wish
and the devastation, doom, and, destruction, with*deadly *insane ,* atrocities, *of*war, and evil wrong, stop like this

Some how, some way, help can come to rescue the troubled, and devastated refuges
who every breath and moment the ATROCITIES, of this deadly, damaging destruction, has to* survive and fight to live and be

By john d jungers
28th of september 2016



Hide and Seek ´ part 1 ´ Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems

Read my above described Book in its entirety at * https://nikhilparekh.org/hide*and*seek*part*1*rhyming*non*rhyming*poems/ .

About The Poetry Book
This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually part 1 of the Book titled – Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems ( 702 pages ) . Parekh’s earliest collection of verse. Written in unparallelled fervor, this collection is a delectable blend of topics from love to death, probing into countless infinitesimal aspects of existence which make a significant impact to it. The beauty of this compendium lies in its magical brevity at places and in the most mundane things of life around us brought to the fore like a magicians wand, in brilliant poetic flair by Parekh. Contains poems on topics impossible for one to envisage that a poem could be written about such an inconspicuous little thing*but Parekh evolves bountiful rhyme from the word go and coalesces vivacious color in the little tid*bits of the chapter called life to optimum effect. A must read for all those who find color, charm and significance in even the smallest things of life and are enthused by even the most mercurial bit of stray paper loitering around. A poetic tribute to the ordinary, projecting its colorful extraordinary bit to the planet with raw panache.
This book tingles every living being’s imagination to fantasize beyond the ordinary. Look at all those meaningful tid*bits around us which have a complete book written in each one of them. All those joyous and unfortunate anecdotes around us which make us blossom into the true spirit of existence; into the amazing celebration of omnipotent life.



The gun is God

The gun is God
Leave it 'til later
I was thinking today about how dangerous fear, anger and
the will to be obeyed are in the presence of a lethal weapon
must be a nightmare for cops in America
We don't have quite as many guns over here where things
are a little more laid back and police chases often called off and
the 'criminal' allowed to escape if conditions become too dangerous
Life and the safety of officers being more important than catching
a suspected wrongdoer. Cooling off of this kind seems to work and
in time the cops usually get their man anyway. So why the rush
leave it 'til later and save a life…
Below is an impression of how recent events in America come
across over here
In the USA where the gun is God
You'd better shoot first or you might get shot
Don't hesitate, don't like his looks
Pull back the hammer an' spill some blood

If he's running away he'll hear the crack
'Quick, draw your piece shoot him in the back'
If his hands are up—gotta be a gift
Now there's a target you just can't miss

Don't use your brains, let's go for gold
Another poor soul won't be coming home
Another success, another job well done
In the land of the free and the land of the gun

Free to shoot whoever you like
Must be quite a thing to possess the right
To be free to kill, to be free to maim
Shootin' down a family with a single aim

With the kindest mind one must observe
How pointless the words 'Protect and Serve'
Protecting what? Well, it can't be life
And Serving who? Not the guy that died

©Joseph G Dawson



On bended knees l pray....

Dear heavenly father I humbly ask, That you watch over us. And keep us from harms way, On bended knees l pray. That those who suffer in silence, Find the voice to speak. On bended knees l pray. That I may be a light. For those who live in darkness, And brighten up their day, On bended knees l pray. That by your grace. I may receive in kindness, That which you bestow on them. On bended knees l pray.



~*No reason to Rhyme*~

With no rhyme nor reason
Nor thought for any other
Secrets were disclosed
Of a regret from the past
The cupboard now opened
Skeletons escape confinement
Creating misery and shame
This poem has no rhyme
Judas had no reason

Written by Jon Fisher …. 26/09/2016


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