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Maiden Bright

Maiden Bright

Once upon a dream, there was a maiden bright with such
expression she ran down the path of loveliness memorizing
her thoughts of all she saw in the morning light.

No matter the distance she ran, she was only flying close
to the ground never weary in spirit.

She was her own love! her thoughts sparkled like the
stars above Gathering her flowers so sweet filled with
Fragrance that only grew Stronger as she ran down her
path of beauty, Freshness of the Breeze following her every
step, light as a feather she ran with her never*ending
fantasizing reality that could never be more real.

Maiden bright, never stopped Shining her light where
ever she went, she was always followed when she ran
close to the ground, you'll swear she was really floating above
the dirt*covered path.

Her glories shadow danced so gracefully as she kept
time with her song she Sang silently, must have been
filled with energy to lift her clearly over the tree
Tops, over the ocean and valleys she Flew high not
knowing she wasn't touching the ground.

You see this maiden bright was a feather
soft, divine, living for each moment, each breath
she took a song she Sang, it never had a
beginning nor end, she just drifted into the rainbow of
colored mist in the summer of her youth, so
long ago in Ireland, where all the four*leaf clovers

(Our Hearts are Filled with Four*leaf
Clovers filled with Luck and Love)

2020DerenaBree (All rights reserved)




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Loving and Working

I ask and urge you in the Lord,
That as you have received from me;
You ought to walk in one accord,
To please God what you do and see.

Because you know the instructions,
That were given you through the Lord;
Guarding against the obstructions,
Never allow them be ignored.

Because this is the will of God,
For having sanctification;
Continue to honor and laud,
And abstain from depravation.

Each of us knows how to control,
Their own body in holiness;
Keeping purity of their soul,
Which will prevent their loneliness.

Rather than passion of a lust,
Like Gentiles who do not know;
But by giving God all your trust,
Allowing His glory to show.

No one should transgress doing wrong,
For the Lord is an avenger;
Be weary of where you belong,
With keeping you from all danger.

God calls us not for impureness,
Never to disregard His Word;
Rather to be in holiness,
And heeding to all that you heard.

Disregard man instead of God,
Who gives His Spirit unto you;
And will cleanse you where you have flawed,
Gaining your spiritual value.

For concerning brotherly love,
No need for anyone to write;
As taught by God from above,
To see the glory of His light.

Indeed, for what you are doing,
Throughout your life to your brothers;
More of what you are pursuing,
Which is showing love for others.

Aspire to live quietly,
And in minding your own affairs;
So that you walk passionately,
Lacking nothing that someone shares.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer





People look at me and see my eyes are dry
What they don`t see is that inside I cry,
I wear the mask of a happy smiling face
But of the sorrow I feel there is no trace.

That sorrow weighs heavy upon my heart
But try as I may it just won`t depart,
I do try to think in a positive way
But my mind wanders and on track it won`t stay.

I can`t let the mask slip for all to see
That something just isn`t right with me,
I must carry on and try to be brave
Knowing I`ll never have the solace I crave.

copyright´2020 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



4 Years

See that scar across her hair?
Not as visible, to the world out there.
First a baby, and an MRI
A c*section surgery. And a blurry eye.
An optic nerve filled with a ´cyst like´ tumor
A random doctor, telling me to do this sooner.

Actual WILL documents now, being signed,
´Do you understand? On the dotted line!´
A newborn wondering, where is mom?
A church praying, before I´m gone.

BEHOLD, a Lion, walking up and down
While I lie there breathing in a hospital gown
Powerful, protective, but fierce is he
I saw his eyes, they stared back at me.

´Now honey, please! Just count to three
Breath in this mask, and look at me!.

It´s ok, you won´t hallucinate,
We will try to control this fait.´

Now, ´Wake up! Wake up!
Can you tell me your name?!´
´What hospital are you in?.´
(But I hide in shame)

Flashes of God, and hands on my face
Suddenly life didn´t feel like a race.

Where is the Lion? Is it time to go?
They told me I had cancer
But now it´s no?!
Singing to my baby, rocking slow
Watching all these years unfold.
These Seizure now, they come and go
The hospital check ups that are on the go.

Sometimes I cry over what could be.
Sometimes I cry over what happened to me.
Will my hair grow back, do people see?
All these levels of insecurity?!

God constantly putting me in my place
Focus on Him and finish this race.

´But God do you hear me? When I cry?
Why was I saved, and not left to die?!´
A purpose reenforced into my life
Share this love * don´t let it hide.

BEHOLD, a Lion, walking up and down
While I lie there crying on the ground.
Powerful, protective, but fierce is he
I saw his eyes, they stared back at me.

Powerful, protective, but fierce is he.
Today I´m 4 years.
Cancer free.



If you want to have a friend why not be one?

If you want to have a friend, why not be one?
Spending precious time just trying to have one.
But where can you find on earth?
A very special friend appreciating your own
self worth.

Who really knows and yet understands
all about you. And yet he wants
to take you by the hand.
Having you enter into his heavenly
promise land.

After all he created the heavens
and the earth before you.
He knitted you inside of your
mother's womb. Granting your
unborn fetus plenty of room.

Who else, but Jesus Christ,
can be your very best friend
for everlasting life.
Who can wash away all of your sins.
By entering into your hearts door.

Who else, but Jesus Christ
grant unto you a new heart?
By giving you a brand new start.
Your past sins he faithfully
promises to erase for eternity.

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
January 18, 2020

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." "Ralph Waldo Emerson."
For how can any one else can become your friend?
Who will remain true until the very ending of your earthly days.
Who will reach out touch you, whenever you become afraid.
Who will change your entire life.

His name is Jesus Christ, and he wants to
give you everlasting life.
He will wash away your sins, and send
the Holy Spirit inside your heart.
He clean you up inside.
The Holy Spirit, will become your guide.

Jesus Christ will be your friend far beyond
the ending of your earthly life.
At the ending of your days, you
need not ever be afraid. For he
will send his angels to escort you to your
new home. Your heavenly promise land.

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
poetry site 11
January 18, 2018



Snowman Day

Did you know snowmen have pride
That's why they stay outside
No warmth to melt them away
They live for a snowy day

They like a coal shaped smile
Happiness is in style
No sad face it would be out of place.
They will stand by your door
and greet the children once more.

We can give them a top hat, and a loveable pat
We can play all day and chase our blues away
So join in on the fun this snowy day
Grab a snowball and please stay

I hope you see that happy smile
and watch the snowflakes fall
There is room for this long handle broom
Come watch this frosty day fully bloom

Allseasonsverse 1/18/2020
(Dedicated to Ellie and Nate)



Trice Removed

John 21*15:17
Do you love me more than these others?
Past the emotion and affection of lovers
Yes Lord, I love you more than them all
I have loved you since I heard your called
Do you love me, I ask again
Will you love me until the end?
Yes Lord, I love you
Oh Lord you know I do
Do you love me for the third time?
Past the body, soul, or mind
Yes Lord I love you, yes Lord Yes
You know all thing, you know them best
Three times the question, three times to remind
The old Peter and his faults are left behind
Peters love denied again and again
Christs love redeemed him from that sin
On his own he had no power
Only the condemnation of that dreadful hour
The heavy weight of regret and shame
Permanently removed in Jesus name
Willing, sacrificial, unconditional love
The laying*down*your*life love
Not what you have done, but have yet to do
The Spirit inside will be your glue
You will feed my lambs; my church on earth
Nurture my leaders, increase their worth
Arise, once fallen; now born anew
Prepared and equipped to follow through
No longer mere words or emotional phrase
But committed resolved until the end of days

J. Moore


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