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The Mississippi Spider

An Alternative to "Ittsy Bitsy Spider"
"The Mississippi Spider"

The Mississippi Spider strolled up the river bed,

Down came the flood and almost made him dead,

Out came the sun and dried up all the flood,

And the Mississippi Spider went crawling thru the mud.

Source: Ken Gerard, Asheville N.C.




A veterans needs to know,
that what he did does show.
With the help a veteran needs,
with others deeds.

How they help,
with each step.
How they don't look down,
when a veteran comes around.

Are act as if they can't see the tears,
that have fallen throughout the years.
Some for him,
others for them.

Those that couldn't come home,
and those who felt all alone.
Having all those nightmares,
Never wanting to share.

That lived over and over again,
never knowing how to gain.
The world's respect,
or what else to expect.

Not seeing any hope,
Just hanging on to a burning rope.
Always left wondering,
in their minds hearing the thundering.

Of long ago cannors speaking,
of the enemy still sneaking.
Into their sleep at night,
Not knowing if their mind will ever be right.





~Night Of Love And Passion~

Night of love and passion
Filled of profound desires
You and me journeying
Through love that transpires

Consumed with all this love
Deep from my heart to you
Springing like melodious song
That makes my heart renew

Tangled up in your arms
Moments exposing dreams
Fearing with you no harm
Love safekeeping my daydreams

Slumbering in a moonbeam
Fulfilling with you each dream.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


I love you my Darling my Love so much forever and always. smiling.




"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only Love can do that." M.L.King, Jr.

I'm in over my head
Like the Body of Christ
Struggling beneath the weight
Of those who wish
To profit from the Name

Trading truth for lies
Prayer for war cries
Seeking to crush the Stone
Faith was built upon

Wielding sacred verses as swords
Until a great void opens
And faith is no more

Vanquishing with fire and force
Marrying "holy" and " war"
Painting heralds on their shields
Banners caught high in the breeze
Their standard, greed

Conquering with number, weapon and wealth
Plying pure hearts to do their will

Black riders
Harbingers of doom
Promising a good life
And a better death

A descension of blasphemy
Raining down upon innocents
When pretense falls away
And masses come out to play

Bringing a future
Without mercy
Making fodder of the faithful

January, 2015

( a response to terrorism*past, present, future, done in the name of religion)



In the Darkness

In the Darkness

Moonlight shimmering
Thoughts simmering
Passions quivering
In the darkness

Desire beginning
Fantasy sinning
Wonder grinning
In the darkness

Gardens growing
Dreams showing
Fire glowing
In the darkness

Simply being
Spirit freeing
Soul seeing
In the darkness





Foreign Textures

Beckoned by life’s desire magnetically she drew me in closer. Her natural beauty and soft essence left me speechless. Her desire drawing me to her, feeling I held loving light within me. My once weightless spirit became completely filled by her breath. Upon my arrival I also sensed I was unwelcome, just as her desire had been.

In the womb I remained an unwanted spark. After my birth told with an annoyed voice what a bottomless pit I was and to go outside and play . Foundations formed on misunderstanding and emotional neglect. Fighting for my identity, their judgments carelessly projected upon me, making my path and purpose unclear to see.

So I sit in my body feeling more like an empty shell, yet overwhelmed with emotions I cannot dispel, As I look among the ruble of what’s left of my life, I succumb to my broken heart, forced to live my future days without those whom I hold so dear. Unconditional love turned to fear.

Their absence explains the lack of having not used better judgment. The should and should not’s mindlessly switching places, making it easy to trip and fall leading me into better left alone places. I lower my head in shame as they look at me with disgust on their faces.

Doesn't matter how the words were spoken, what the experience had robbed or left to feel forsaken. No one wants to hear how much inner turmoil or the suffering it’s caused, No one thought nor cared to look back to what they laid to waste, sealing my fate. And there I remained an unwanted spark.

Once or twice I thought I had made it up and over my own self destruction. Surely I've come this far…Yet it was just a matter of time I’d realize nothing had changed at all, only the position of the suns reflection on my increasing winkles, inner scars and too many uninformed instructions.

Swimming in murky water can’t see ahead nor below. My arms stretched out before me, running fingers across foreign textures. I was not alone as the dark was brought into light and what stood before me at first difficult to recognize. Then suddenly I realized it was all the lost pieces of me I had disowned.

The judged and misunderstood desperately clinging to what little they had left. It was a family reunion of sorts. the ones I've longed for but found no trace…Tears of sadness in each one I faced. I held them in my arms with loving acceptance free to just be, what happened next to this day still amazes me.

I opened my eyes only to find my disowned pieces had melted back inside of me, No longer pushed away for feeling bad. Now when something feels bad inside I know just beneath it something good is waiting to be known. Leading me back to why I was drawn here… to help assist Life's desires dreams come true.

At last I am a wanted spark!



Share Your Warm Cookie(s)

This is a true story
from beginning to end:

I had a hot cookie
a piping hot cookie
but it was for somebody else.

Along came a woman,
literally covered in sores,
begging for a bowl of cereal and milk.
I gave her the cookie
and she thanked me heartily.
But, in honesty, I had first,turned my back on her,
thinking, I had nothing to offer.
I knew that one cookie wouldn't help her.
But for that one moment,
maybe, my acknowledging her need might.

Hunger is a powerful enemy.
Loneliness coupled with it makes it a more powerful one.
Put them together in the same shaker
and don't you have a great big barrel of fun.
You got lots of trouble.
and I've been there,
way down.

The problem is as I see it,
we don't often wear each others shoes.
Don't know what it feels like to be in them.
Perhaps the problem is that we want
not to be bothered or to have to look at or see people,
but to blame or say that's the life they choose.
yet we don't know the why's and how's of how it got
to be that way.

I've been hungry and I've been lonely.
It can be a near*deadly combination.

To survive you got to do things you wouldn't do.
I've taken bean dip, Hostess pies and stuffed them
deep into my hole*filled pockets.
I've stalked apple trees and porches filled with refund*bottles.
I've haunted dumpsters searching for pizza crusts
and seconds tossed and anything that didn't look too bad.

When you are hungry,
you would be surprised what is and looks edible.

Because I was had just moved in with my Dad and he had gone
on a business trip and promised to return,
I spent my whole college grant/scholarship on his bills
thinking he'd come back.
well, he didn't.
and then my Mother (they were newly divorced) was so angry
with me that she didn't care if I had any money to eat.

Later on Dad sent his refund to deposit in the bank.
Poor decision*making led me to deposit it into his account;
therefore, I had no choice but to forge his signature to pay bills
but soon realized I could only pay myself five dollars a day.
after eating day old bread and condensed soup for 3 months solid,
I discovered a succulent fruitcake sent by my Aunt wrapped in holiday
foil nestled in the bottom of the barren refrigerator.
This cake saved me just in time for college finals.

So this story is part poem,
part narration,
all truth,
no fabrication.
I did what I had to do.
hunger made me do it all.

Should God help those who do not have enough to eat?

No, we ought to.
And in doing so, we offer them our friendship too.

Remember that
the next time you have a warm cookie.

Copyright January 24, 2015 All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Straight from her Tilt*a*World Meloo/Melissa Howells Copyright
All Poetry/Prose/Ideas/Rants are the legal property of this writer.

Thank You for Reading
Written Directly to the Page.





When Sheila was born I was already seven years old,
With four brothers news of her birth was like a gift of gold;
When she became old enough we shared a bedroom,
Having her with me saved me many nights of gloom;
I was very sad and depressed during most of my early teens,
I couldn't understand why my father was always so mean;

I used to talk to Sheila about lots of things late at night,
I knew she didn't understand but it seemed to make things right;
To have someone to unload all the heavy things on my mind,
Never stopping to think that maybe I was being very unkind
To my little sister who looked up to me and loved me so much,
If I could go back I'd hold her, kiss her, give her face a soft touch;

We've been through many things together over the years,
Shared lots and lots of laughter and many, many tears;
We've had our struggles with siblings and their different troubles,
And there were our husbands, honestly, their vices came in doubles;
Our father died a horrible death by means of a freak accident,
We have a brother in the pen where he should've never been sent;

Our sister a victim of homicide, one brother shot in the head
Whether suicide or an accident, the point is they're both dead;
Sheila and I are sharing a rather challenging event right now,
Sometimes it seems we might not make it but we're trying anyhow;
I do believe we'll make it because we're holding on to each other,
We're doing it to make a strong support for our dear mother.

She needs us.


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