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My Magic, My Music

My Magic, My Music
Listening to heart music
how magical it can be, bringing
peace and answers to questions
we have pondered on without
a magical song.

No problems can live in a
mind filled with light and
song, it is truly magic.

Listen to those tunes that
make you happy, you'll
have no regrets.

When you do your work free
from stress, you'll be like a
bird set free from his

Find your magic, you
carry it every day, it just
waits to be found.

Born with magic, live
with magic, grow old with
magic passing it on
when you leave this
world in peace.

Magic appears always when
you search, never give up what
you feel, it is the true magic
living in your soul.

Listen to music and find the
miracle of magic in your

Magic always live in our
hearts souls, minds.

Majestically flowing from
within always.


By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)



Storm Soul

When dark tides crash and roar like thunder,
When lightning flashes, ripping trees asunder;
When storm clouds darken the azure sky,
When howling winds weep and cry;

When torrential rains beat with savage fury,
When sparkling snow falls in a dazzling flurry;
When air becomes still and heavy in warning;
When skies weep gently in silent mourning;

Then my soul soars high on joyful wings;
Then my heart in grateful rapture sings;
Then my mind relaxes its constant vigil;
As lightnings arc a blazing sigil.

Born of wind and storm and sky;
Born to spread soul wings and fly.



Christian Greetings

Treat your servants justly and fair,
Knowing your Master in Heaven;
As Christ shows how much He does care,
Through all of which He has given.

Continue steadfastly in prayer,
Being watchful with thanksgiving;
Supplications with God you share,
Confessing for His forgiving.

At the same time, pray for others,
That God opens to us a door;
Because your sisters and brothers,
Are in need finding the Savior.

Open up a door for the Word,
To declare the secret of Christ;
Announcing for it to be heard,
The reason He was sacrificed.

Let us make it perfectly clear,
For being how I ought to speak;
Manifesting as to revere,
With His insight on all I seek.

Walk in the wisdom towards others,
Making the best use of the time;
Console them of what might bothers,
Encourage them to make the climb.

Let your speech always be gracious,
Possibly be seasoned with salt;
For righteousness is contagious,
That they may know of what they ought.

All my state I shall share with you,
Being a faithful minister;
A fellow servant that is true,
Unto the ultimate Master.

So, I am sending my greetings,
To you for this very purpose;
Looking forward to some meetings,
As a favorable auspice.

I hope you should know how we are,
That He may encourage your heart;
As to remain a shining star,
His Word continue to impart.

Let Jesus Christ be one in you,
Able to tell everything;
That you are able to construe,
Of all that salvation will bring.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer





That Can WaIt `TIl

Don`t worry today

Leave your cares `til tomorrow

Just enjoy the day.

copyright´2019 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Moonlit Wings

Moonlit Wings

From waters, she rose with wings of sea brine
On bended knees, she dries her wings in peace
Shadows blast from her lasting cast of time
Restless waters wave, yet, soon will release
Rising to the warmth of days mid*season
Soaring on high finding her one pure love
Driven by her heart she finds true reason
Closer to home she sees his face above
No hesitation, holding him with care
Joining in sleep on silken rays of sun
Epic unity has truly begun

Wings of dark and light rejoice in loves flight
Day fades away to moonlit wings of night



Song of the Muse

Those blue eyes like endless sky
Light up your angel face
And the beauty of your smile
Shines always in my heart
Time has brought us together
A link we cannot break;
Your garden is in full bloom
Now the summer of your life is passing:
You are adorned with such treasures
That enrich every part of you
More than physical wealth ever could.
Sunlight enhances your loveliness
Or is it you that lends it your grace?
You are inviolate in the worlds sight
Beyond the reach of my love
But your soft siren voice
Leads me along the path to your door
Where dreams will find their fruition
Beyond the limitations we create.
Our hearts will beat as one
In the silence of our unspoken desires.
Lifetimes of yearning for my muse
Have ended in the bliss of knowing you
Seeing you change from girl to woman
Closer than words can tell
Lost in a mystery only we will ever know.



John Hartley Roberts- Now You Are Gone!

You are gone! Life stands still,
Silence fills the space im in!

How do I describe this feeling of loss?

It feels heavy!
Confusion and questions fill my head,
I can’t function!
Feeling numb. just laying in my bed!

No real understanding of where you are!
Or how you felt when you took your last breath?

No real understanding of how brave you were when confronted by death!

Now you are gone!
I can’t hear your voice,
Silence fills that space!

Now you are gone!
I can no longer see your warm fatherly face!

I can’t ask you how you are.
as you are no longer here!

Just gone!

How do I describe this loss?
Its a dichotomy of acknowledging life & death:
That tomorrow never comes!
That you are either asleep or awake,
That you experience joy or pain,
That you exist in either life or death!

There are no edges!

Loss is not tangible!
It’s a dark, dense, void.
Full of imaginings. hurt & pain!
Longing to see you; touch you; feel you; smell you; to talk to you again!

You are not here!
Just gone!

This feeling of your loss fills all four corners of my heart, with the most suffocating pain!
My mind is like a machine full of memories. pressing play, pause, rewind, stop. Over an over again!

My emotions are stuck.
Moving between denial, acceptance, anger, and needing to understand!

Why have you gone? Why did you die?

Loss feels like a poisonous vine,
Wrapping around my brain!
Cutting off my blood & oxygen supply,
Turning me insane!

My heart grows heavy,
My body feels weak!
A constant cycle of eat, sleep, wake, repeat!

A feeling of loss!

Dedicated to John Hartley Roberts 27/08/1938 to 21/04/2019

Forever in my heart!

Love Wendy

Written by © Wendy Roberts 21*06*2019


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